Sony Xperia T and TX: spot the difference!

Seth Barton
30 Aug 2012

Sony releases its flagship handset in two flavours

Sony launched its new flagship smartphone today at IFA 2012, or rather it launched two flagship sister products. All the talk on stage was about the new Xperia T, the phone that James Bond will wield in the upcoming Skyfall movie. Upon hitting the product stands though there were two flagship phones: the Sony Xperia T and Sony Xperia TX.

On the inside the phones are identical, and rather impressive. There's a 1,280x720 4.55in display, 1.5GHz Qualcomm MSM8260 chipset and 13-megapixel camera.

The exteriors are markedly different though, with separate teams responsible for the designs. The T looks a little more rugged and high-tech – a bit more manly to be plain – as you’d expect given it will be 007’s handset.

Sony Xperia T and TX

Here's the Xperia T in black ...

The TX is similar in appearance to the Samsung Galaxy S3, with a more slender body with a subtle concave rear. Tellingly, though both handsets are available in multiple colours, only the TX will be available in pink. Despite this obvious marketing slant, we prefer the TX over its more masculine counterpart.

Sony Xperia T and TX

And here's the Xperia TX in white

Both phones come with Android 4.0.6 at present, and though we’d hope for a 4.1 upgrade soon, Sony’s record on getting such upgrades out is no better than average. There are no buttons below the display on either handset, with screen-based softkeys being preferred – not a huge issue given the massive display.

Sony Xperia T and TX

The Xperia T side on ...

Sony Xperia T and TX

And the Xperia TX side on

We took a picture of the show floor with the new 13-megapixel EXMOR RS sensor. The results were pretty impressive, with plenty of sharp detail. Sony has often been a leader in the camera department, but we are starting to worry that the megapixel war that negatively impacted upon compact cameras isn’t about to flare up again on smartphones.

NFC is built into both variants, with Sony showing off some nice features with other Sony kit. For example, you can tap the phone against an NFC-equipped dock or speaker system and the track playing will automatically transfer and play on your home system.

Which handset, in which colours, the UK will receieve is yet to be decided but we hope to see both in stores before the end of the year.

Plenty more photos in the gallery if you want to see more.

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