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3G Moto G going nowhere as Motorola readies 4G model and cheaper Moto E

Moto G

Motorola plans to support all three phones "for a long time to come".

With the brand new Moto E and 4G version of the Moto G about to hit shop shelves, you would think the current 3G version of the Moto G might be on its way out, but Motorola has confirmed it has no plans to discontinue the handset any time soon.

“It’s only been on the market for five months,” Motorola’s Senior Vice President of Software Engineering Steve Horowitz told Expert Reviews. “It’s the best selling product in our history, so we don’t plan on taking that away at all.”

This means Motorola will have three handsets on sale for under £150 by the end of June. The new 4G Moto G will cost £149 SIM free, while the Moto E will be even cheaper at just £89 SIM free.

This would make sense if the 3G Moto G was priced roughly half way between those two prices, but with the 3G Moto G costing just £99 on O2’s Pay&Go service, the Moto E could struggle to make an impression against its superior cousin. Admittedly, O2 are already offering the Moto E for £10 less than the official SIM free price of £89 on its Pay&Go service, but that still only leaves a £20 difference between the two handsets.

“Our pricing is going to vary by carrier and market, and the price that we announced today is an unlocked no-contract phone,” said Horowitz.

“From Moto E to the Moto G to the Moto G with 4G, there are definitive differences in terms of functionality and some consumers who want or need different functionality, if they’re really focused on network speed and are willing to pay a bit more than the Moto G, then those products will just offer consumers different things at different price points. We think the Moto E and Moto G are perfectly complimentary products and support one other very well. I don’t think there’s really any reason why we wouldn’t continue to sell and support these products for a long time to come.”

The Moto E and 4G Moto G are due to launch in the coming weeks. For all the latest news on both handsets, read our hands-on review of the Moto E and hands-on review of the 4G Moto G.

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