Doro PhoneEasy 614 review

Katharine Byrne
6 Mar 2013
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Expensive with some superfluous features, but easy to use and ideal for older users



N/A, 2.5in 320x240 display

The Doro PhoneEasy 614 is made for older users or those with poor eyesight. Much like Doro’s PhoneEasy 515, it’s a no-nonsense phone that ditches complicated apps and a touchscreen in favour of a much simpler and user-friendly phone.

Doro PhoneEasy 614

It may look a little old-fashioned, but its clamshell design has a strong hinge that flips open easily and stays firmly in place. The soft touch coating on the back of the phone makes it very comfortable to hold and grip while using the keypad. The PhoneEasy 614’s keys are well spaced, so there’s no risk of accidentally hitting two keys while typing. There’s also a dedicated button that takes you straight to your text messages.

It’s very easy to get going with the PhoneEasy 614. It comes bundled with a well-written 60-page manual that explains each function in detail, and we were ready to go within minutes of inserting the SIM card and switching it on.

The 49x36mm screen is very clear and sharp, and thanks to the large, chunky text, everything is easy to read. You can even make the text bigger if you wish. If you find it difficult to read black text on a white background, you can switch to white text on a black background, yellow text on a black background, and yellow text on a blue background. You can also adjust how long the LCD backlight remains illuminated when the phone’s left idle, from 15 seconds to one minute.

As well as options such as a call log, alarm, calendar and calculator that you expect to find on a phone, there’s also a great FM radio that’s incredibly easy to use. Once you’ve found your favourite radio stations, you can give them a name and save them so that you can access them more easily next time you use it.

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