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Black Friday iPhone deals 2023: The best early Apple bargains

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The best contract and handset-only Black Friday iPhone deals this year

The main event may still be a little while away, but there are already some cracking Black Friday iPhone deals out in the wild. From bargain contracts on the new iPhone 15 handsets to decent discounts on older models, there’s a good variety on offer, so no matter what kind of budget you’re working with, there’s something here to suit you.

If nothing in this first batch of bargains catches your eye, be sure to check back in as we draw closer to Black Friday proper on 24 November, as we’ll be adding all of the best new deals as they crop up.

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The early emergence of discounts isn’t limited to Black Friday iPhone deals, either. With everything from laptops and TVs to air fryers and vacuum cleaners included in the sales, it can be a bit overwhelming to pluck out the biggest bargains. To make things a bit easier, we’ve selected our favourites in each category and gathered them together in our Best Black Friday deals 2023 hub.

Get unlimited data for just £15/mth with Smarty this Black Friday

If you choose to buy an iPhone outright and are looking for the best SIM-only deal to pair it with, you’ve just found it. This Black Friday offer from Smarty, our favourite mobile network, sees the unlimited data package dropped from £20/mth to just £15. Better still, this is on a rolling monthly basis, so you’re not locked into an extensive contract, leaving you free to upgrade whenever you choose.

Smarty Unlimited data £15/mth View deal at Smarty

Best Black Friday iPhone deals 2023

1. iPhone 15: Get 250GB of data for the price of 100GB

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While we’re still in the infancy of the iPhone 15 series, and therefore can’t expect the most jaw-dropping of discounts, there’s still some good bargains to be had on Apple’s latest handsets. Right now, our top pick is this iPhone 15 Black Friday deal from

So what makes this deal so appealing? Well, first of all, the upfront price has been dropped from £149 down to £129. On top of that, this contract with iD Mobile nets you a massive 250GB of 5G data for £30/mth – the same price as the 100GB tariff. That brings the total cost to £849 for a two-year contract, and considering that the phone is £799 by itself, that means you’re getting all that data for just £50.

Key details – Contract length: 24 months; Data: 250GB; Upfront cost: £129; Monthly cost: £30

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2. iPhone 15 Plus: Pay NOTHING upfront for unlimited data

Best Black Friday iPhone deals - iPhone 15 Plus on a table

If you want to get your hands on a big-screened iPhone but the 15 Pro Max is out of your price range, the iPhone 15 Plus is the one for you, and this Vodafone deal is currently the best way to get one. Via, this offer gets you the iPhone 15 Plus with unlimited 5G data for £51/mth with nothing at all to pay upfront. Over the two years, that’s a lifetime cost of £1,224, so taking away the £899 for the phone, you’re essentially paying less than £14/mth for unlimited 5G data.

Key details – Contract length: 24 months; Data: 250GB; Upfront cost: Nothing; Monthly cost: £51

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3. iPhone 15 Pro: More than DOUBLE the data

Best Black Friday iPhone deals - iPhone 15 Pro in hand

The iPhone 15 Pro doesn’t get the same upfront cost discount as its non-Pro counterpart, but you can still get the massive data boost with this iD Mobile plan. Offering the same 250GB for the price of 100GB tariff as the above deal, this contract is £149 upfront and £40/mth thereafter. Over the two years, that’s a total cost of £1,109. The iPhone 15 Pro retails for £999 by itself, so the 250GB of data per month for two years is only costing you £100.

Key details – Contract length: 24 months; Data: 250GB; Upfront cost: £149; Monthly cost: £40

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4. iPhone SE 3 (2022): DIRT-CHEAP contract with no upfront cost

Best Black Friday iPhone deals - iPhone SE 2022 in hand

The iPhone SE 3 (2022) was already our pick for the best-value iPhone, but this Black Friday deal makes it even more enticing. The contract is with Three, with the deal coming via, and on top of the 64GB iPhone SE 3, you’re getting 100GB of 5G data. The monthly payments are £23, and the upfront cost has been scrapped, so the lifetime cost works out to just £552.

Buying the 64GB SE 3 new from Apple would cost you £429, so this deal essentially gets you 100GB of 5G data for two years for the low price of just £123.

Key details – Contract length: 24 months; Data: 100GB; Upfront cost: Nothing; Monthly cost: £23

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5. iPhone 14: Get last year’s handset cheaper than EVER

Best Black Friday iPhone deals - iPhone 14 in hand

While not specifically marketed as a Black Friday offer, this discount coincides with the titanic deals event, so we’re going to include it here. If you’re not that fussed about getting the latest and greatest of Apple’s line, you can always find a bargain on the previous generation, as evidenced by this iPhone 14 deal.

Currently reduced to just £649 on Amazon, this handset is a full £200 less than the original retail price, and over £100 off the average price of £762. Best of all, it’s the cheapest that we’ve ever seen it on Amazon. As long as you’re happy to buy the handset outright – and pair it with an amazing SIM-only deal, such as this one – this is a bargain price for the iPhone 14.

View deal at Amazon

6. iPhone 13: This phone is RIDICULOUSLY cheap right now

Best Black Friday iPhone deals - iPhone 13 upright on a table

If you’re happy to go back just one more generation, you can pick up a powerful iPhone for even less with the iPhone 13. It originally launched for £779, and has since averaged around £719 in price, but right now it’s on Amazon for just £549 – the cheapest it has ever been.

If you’ve got the cash spare to buy the handset outright, this is a very cost-effective way to pick up an iPhone, and you can pair it with a bargain SIM-only deal at a fraction of the cost you’d expect to pay for a traditional contract. The unlimited data Smarty deal featured above is our favourite offer of Black Friday, but you can find even more offers on our roundup of the best SIM-only deals.

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7. iPhone 12: Get a MASSIVE 400GB of data for the price of 100GB

Best Black Friday iPhone deals - iPhone 12 on a table

It may be a few generations old at this point, but there’s still a lot to like about the iPhone 12, and this deal is a bargain way to pick one up. The contract is with Vodafone, via, and would normally get you 100GB of 5G data for £27/mth and nothing upfront. For Black Friday, however, the data allowance has been quadrupled, getting you an enormous 400GB of data for the same price. The lifetime cost is £648 over the two years, meaning that you’re only paying £149 for all that data.

Key details – Contract length: 24 months; Data: 400GB; Upfront cost: Nothing; Monthly cost: £27

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