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The BEST iPhone deals of Black Friday 2023 – LIVE

Black Friday iPhone deals LIVE - iPhone next to Expert Reviews logo

Looking to snag a top iPhone deal this Black Friday? These are the best offers going today

It’s the start of Black Friday week, and that means plenty of iPhone deals to be sorting through, with everything from bargain iPhone 15 contracts to discounts on older handsets like the iPhone 14 and iPhone 13.

With all this coming in, I’m back with another live blog. Throughout the day, I’ll be sifting through the offers to separate the juicy from the rotten, and bringing the best of the bushel to you here in this feed.

As always, we have our expert deals hunters on the prowl for all sorts of bargains, so if you’re in the market for more than a new Apple handset, be sure to check out our main Best Black Friday deals 2023 hub, where we’ve got bargain offers on everything from laptops to vacuum cleaners, and much, much more.

The best Black Friday iPhone deals 2023 – LIVE

17:47 | 17 Nov

Old dog, new tricks

Best Black Friday iPhone deals - iPhone 13 upright on a table

Here’s another chance to get a massive saving by forgoing the latest models in favour of a slightly older, but still extremely competent, iPhone 13. This handset performs nearly identically to the iPhone 14, and still has a terrific camera suite, and best of all, it’s cheaper than it’s ever been.

Over at Amazon, you can pick up a SIM-free iPhone 13 for just £549. Compared to the average price of £709, that’s a big chunk off, and a fantastic price for a phone that may be a couple of generations old, but is definitely not ready for retirement just yet.

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16: 37 | 17 Nov

Big screen, bigger data package

The iPhone 15 Plus is for anyone who wants a big-screened handset but finds the price of the 15 Pro Max too painful to bear. A big phone like this needs a big data package to match, and this deal from Vodafone is more than happy to oblige. Offering unlimited 5G data, this deal is £51/mth with nothing to pay upfront, leading to a lifetime cost of £1,224.

Breaking that down, we’ve got £899 for the handset and then £325 for the data. Over the 24 months, that works out to less than £14/mth for unlimited 5G data. Not bad at all.

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15:42 | 17 Nov

One for the budget-conscious

Best Black Friday iPhone deals - iPhone SE 2022 in hand

If you want a new iPhone for the cheapest price possible, the iPhone SE 3 (2022) is your best bet. This deal gets you the small but mighty iPhone with 100GB of 5G data for just £23/mth. With nothing to pay upfront, the lifetime cost of the two years is just £552. Buying the phone outright would cost you £429 currently, so that means the data is just £123 for the 24 months.

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14:48 | 17 Nov

iPhone 15, unlimited data, BARGAIN

This is barely a Black Friday deal – the only discount part is that you’re getting a tenner off the upfront cost – but regardless, it’s one of the best iPhone 15 contracts I’ve seen so far. For an upfront price of £169 (down from £179) and monthly payments of £30, you’re getting unlimited 5G data from iD Mobile for two years.

The lifetime cost works out to just £889, which is less than £100 more than the iPhone 15 costs by itself. For 24 months of unlimited data, that’s a fantastic bargain. When following the link, there will be a featured deal at the top (which is also pretty good) but just scroll down a smidge and you’ll find this unlimited data deal.

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13:54 | 17 Nov

The iPhone 14 is STILL at its record-low price

Best Black Friday iPhone deals - iPhone 14 in hand

New iPhone deals are still proving elusive, so it looks like we’ll be playing the hits for the foreseeable. If you’re happy to jump back a generation to see some considerable savings, the iPhone 14 is currently at its lowest price to date. Previously averaging around £762, the iPhone 14 can now be picked up for just £649.

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13:00 | 17 Nov

Yesterday’s best deal is STILL ON

While we wait to see what kind of bargains today will bring, it’s worth reiterating that the best offer we’ve had all week is still very much alive.

This deal gets you the iPhone 15 with 250GB of data for the price of 100GB. That’s £129 upfront and monthly payments of £30, with a total lifetime cost over the two years of £849. The phone is £799 by itself, so you’re essentially getting all that data for just £50.

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