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Black Friday iPhone deals: Today’s JUICIEST Apple bargains – LIVE

Black Friday iPhone deals LIVE - iPhone next to Expert Reviews logo

Whether you're looking for a new iPhone 15 contract or a discounted older handset, these are today's best Black Friday iPhone deals

We may still be a little ways away from the big day itself, but Black Friday is very much already upon us, and that means a bevvy of enticing Apple iPhone deals to be sorting through. With so many models now on the market, as well as all of the different networks offering various data plans, it can be tricky to determine which of the many deals on offer is actually worth your time. Not to mention your money.

That’s where we come in. Our expert smartphone reviews team know each of the iPhone models inside and out, and can smell the difference between a bargain and a dud deal from a mile away. We’ll be picking through the online retailers all the way through the Black Friday deals period to find you the freshest and juiciest Apple iPhone deals and bringing them to you live in this feed.

If you don’t see anything that tickles your fancy upon first viewing, be sure to check back in nearer to Black Friday itself, as we’ll be adding all the new deals as they come in. And, of course, for those who have had their fill of Apple deals, there’s plenty more bargains at the Black Friday buffet table – our Best Black Friday deals 2023 roundup is a central hub, gathering together our favourite offers across all categories, ranging from mattresses to laptops, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

The BEST SIM-only deal of Black Friday

If you opt for a discounted handset this Black Friday, you’ll want a decent data package to go with it, and this SIM-only deal is the best we’ve seen so far. Smarty’s unlimited data tariff usually goes for £20/mth, but this deal sees it drop down to just £15/mth. Better still, it’s on a rolling monthly basis, meaning that you’re not locked into an extended contract, and can switch providers whenever you wish.

Smaty Unlimited data £15/mth View deal at Smarty

The best Black Friday 2023 iPhone deals – LIVE

16:35 | Nov 16

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15:48 | 16 Nov

This iPhone SE 3 contract is DIRT-CHEAP

The options so far have all been on the pricey side of things, so let’s throw something out there for the more budget-conscious. The iPhone SE 3 (2022) is a terrific choice for an iPhone that doesn’t break the bank, and this Black Friday deal is the best way to pick one up right now. It’s another bargain from, this time giving you 100GB of 5G data from Three, and once again we’ve got no upfront cost, and the monthly payments are just £23.

Over the two years, that makes a lifetime cost of £552. The 64GB iPhone SE 3 is currently reduced to £429 SIM-free, so that means you’re paying £123 for the data, which breaks down to peanuts over the two years.

View deal at

13:58 | 16 Nov

Pay NOTHING upfront for the iPhone 15 Plus

Best Black Friday iPhone deals - iPhone 15 Plus on a table

Anyone out there who prefers a larger screen but finds the iPhone 15 Pro Max to be a bit too costly? Apple’s got you covered with the iPhone 15 Plus. This super-sized variant of the iPhone 15 is on offer at, with the £29 upfront charge waived, leaving only the monthly payments of £51.

That might sound like a lot, but you’re getting unlimited 5G data from Vodafone for the price, and over the two years, the lifetime cost only works out as £1,224. The iPhone 15 Plus is £899 by itself, so that leaves £325 for all that lovely data. Or, in even more practical terms, that’s unlimited data for less than £14/mth.

View deal at

12:23 | 16 Nov

Last year’s iPhone 14 is cheaper than EVER

If you’re happy to jump back a generation, you can get a massive saving on 2022’s iPhone 14. On sale for just £649, this handset is a full £200 less than the original retail cost, and over £100 off the average price of £762. Best of all, it’s a record-low price for this model, so you’re getting the best deal yet.

As for the phone itself, it’s not going to keep up with the newer iPhone 15, but performance and battery life are still very good, especially considering the price. The cameras are also well worth the price of admission, with terrific low-light photography and the effective “Action Mode” bringing camera-style stability to your video footage. For this price, the iPhone 14 is a bargain.

View deal at Amazon

11:30 | 16 Nov

The BEST iPhone 15 contract so far

Best iPhone - iPhone 15 on a chair

We’re starting out strong with a fantastic contract on the brand new iPhone 15. This deal via gets you the latest Apple handset with 250GB of 5G data from iD Mobile for £129 upfront and £30/mth – the same price as the 100GB tariff. In other words, you’re getting 2.5x the data for no extra cost.

That’s a total lifetime cost of just £849. The iPhone 15 is £799 by itself, so in other words, you’re getting two years of 250GB monthly data, for just £50. Not bad at all.

View deal at