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Welcome to the new-look Expert Reviews

We've relaunched the site and made it easier to use - tell us what you think

If you’ve been reading Expert Reviews for a while (and we hope you have been), you’ve probably noticed that we’ve changed, rather a lot. While we’re big proponents of the ethos that change should be met with fear and/or hate, we’re hoping that you kind of like what we’ve done here.

So, why did we do it? Well, if Stephen Elop felt that Nokia was on a burning platform, it’s fair to say that Expert Reviews was on a platform that had been electrocuted, beaten with clubs, set on fire and then kicked for good measure.

As well as being slow to load, slow to respond and full of tiny pictures that didn’t show any detail, the old site was inflexible and hard to navigate. Hell, even our writers found it hard to locate content at times.

One of the most important things of any website is reader interaction, but that was something we’ve been missing for too long. In fact, we haven’t had comments turned on for more than a year, as they had to be disabled on the old site due to some complicated old code. Even when they were turned on, the epic sign-up system required you to pretty much divulge your entire life history and personal details, which is hardly the sharing atmosphere we wanted to cultivate.

With all of these issues, the old site needed too much to fix it, so we wanted to start from scratch and bring you something newer and more modern. There’s a brand-new nav bar (which actually lets you find the products you’re after), bigger images, better specifications pages, clearer text and better performance. We’ve got a brand-new comments system, too, which you can use by logging in using one of your social media accounts.

A ton of hard work has gone into the site by our amazing development and design teams, and we’re dead happy with what we’ve got. Have we got everything right? Well, probably not, but we’ll be working hard over the next few weeks to correct any issues we find. We’ll be updating old reviews and articles, too, bringing the most popular old content up to the higher standards that the new site demands.

We also need your help. We only write this site for you and what you think of it is the most important thing. If there’s anything you love or hate about the site, or find anything broken, leave us a comment below and we’ll look into it.

Comments across the entire site are welcome and it’s good to be back talking to everyone again. We hope you enjoy the new site.

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