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Samsung Galaxy S20 colours: Pick a shade that’s out of this world

Don’t get spun out by specs, just select a shade from the Samsung spectrum that suits your style

Samsung’s Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra have finally fallen out of the sky and into the shops. On first look, we’re impressed with the series and feel that the S20 Ultra is a serious rival to the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

If you’ve done your research and you’re willing to part with your cash, you’ve only got one decision left – which colour to choose.

For many, choosing the colour of your phone is the least important decision during the buying process. However, the choice of shade speaks volumes about oneself. Do you want to ooze sophistication and suavity, or individualism and spontaneity?

If you think about it, this could be the decision that defines much of your life. So go forth and choose your destiny…

Every Samsung Galaxy S20 colour

Cosmic Gray

Not grey – gray. As if this shade wasn’t cripplingly average enough already, Samsung has attempted to disguise its mundanity with an Americanisation.

Names aside, this seemingly meek shade speaks volumes. An owner of a “Cosmic Gray” device can be found on the 76 bus towards Dalston, sat staring out of the rain-splattered window, listening to a “sad indie jams” playlist on Spotify. Tears form as the Wombats reach their crescendo and memories of Debra pieing you off at the water cooler earlier in the day come swimming back to you.

It’s okay, there’s still time to leave your job in sales and open up that microbrewery in Amsterdam. But, then again, you’ve just spent your entire month’s earnings on the Samsung Galaxy Ultra, so it might be best to postpone that one.

Available for all models

Cosmic Black

This isn’t just any black – this is Samsung’s semi-reflective, Cosmic Black. It’s intense and rich, like a Gü dessert or Elon Musk.

Cosmic black is the colour of business. You are the type of person that often frequents the golf course on a weekend, missing out on important family commitments, to continue closing deals on the green. You find demolition videos relaxing and listen to U2 unironically.

For you, listening is just waiting to talk or, in particularly dry conversations, waiting to leave. You don’t understand small talk, which has resulted in a number of awkward conversations with colleagues but, thanks to your trusty S20, you have managed to fake many “urgent calls” (or so you think).

Available for the S20 Plus and S20 Ultra

Cloud Blue

You take the road less travelled; you choose to live on the edge; you are unashamedly yourself – within the confinements of the office.

Living a life of perfume-advert-like proportions comes at a cost to those around you. Often, you’re late and you’re no stranger to losing every possession on your being. You dream of living as a nomad and make this known to every single person you’ve met, ever.

You’re an office favourite but a complete slacker, though much by accident. You’ll find yourself walking to and fro, forgetting your objective and, inevitably, stopping for a chat with Dez by the toilets. Next thing you know it’s 5pm and all you’ve done is lecture the office on the benefits of meditation.

Available for the S20 and S20 Plus

Cloud Pink

Similarly to those of Cosmic Gray disposition, you are often also caught staring out of a nearby window. However, unlike grey, you waste your hours daydreaming as opposed to catastrophizing or, in Cosmic Black’s case, waiting for Denise from HR to stop speaking.

You don’t really know what your Galaxy S20 does, but what you do know is that you can record your Siberian hamster in 8K. Every whisker can be seen in high definition – well, could be seen. You spent too long curling your hair with a crystal yesterday, leaving Mr Sergei to drown in his bathing pool.

During this time of mourning you’ve been listening to K-pop songs whilst sitting on your trampoline. On the bright side, the crisp sound quality of your Galaxy Buds Plus is making BTS’s dulcet tones sound great.

Available for the S20

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