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Apple’s M2 iPad Pro hits RECORD LOW price for Black Friday

How’s this for a Black Friday bargain? The M2 Apple iPad Pro (2022) is cheaper than EVER

The high-end 512GB Apple M2 iPad Pro (2022), previously priced steeply, is now available at its lowest price ever on Amazon of £1,480. You won’t want to miss out on this, especially for a tablet we’ve rated four out of five stars for its performance and features in our original iPad Pro review.

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The M2 iPad Pro, known for its incredible performance, decent battery life, and a glorious mini-LED display, is a powerhouse in the tablet world. However, its high price has always been a point of contention, often making it a difficult choice over more practical laptop alternatives. This latest price reduction on Amazon helps mitigate one of its few downsides, making it a more accessible option for potential buyers​​.

Expert Reviews praises the M2 chip for bringing enhanced performance and speed to the iPad Pro, surpassing its predecessor, the M1 model. The upgrade includes support for Wi-Fi 6e and a new Hover feature for the Apple Pencil, enhancing the user experience. However, aside from these changes, the 2022 model largely mirrors the M1 model in design and other features. The device maintains its 12.9in mini-LED display, the same camera setup, and an identical aluminium body and keyboard case​​.

However, the Apple Pencil’s Hover capability is a highlight, adding a novel dimension to the tablet’s interaction. Users can hover the pencil close to the screen for a mouse-like experience, a feature that holds potential but is currently under-utilised in the software​​.

The mini-LED display remains a standout feature, with its high refresh rate and excellent colour reproduction, making it ideal for professional tasks such as photo and video editing​​. Performance-wise, the M2 chip shows significant improvements over the M1, although these might not be markedly noticeable in daily use. The battery life, while decent, hasn’t seen a major upgrade from the previous model​​.

Despite its impressive hardware, the M2 iPad Pro’s high price has been a barrier. Expert Reviews notes that even with all its positives, the cost of the tablet, particularly when compared to options like the Apple M2 MacBook Air, makes it a challenging sell. The MacBook Air offers better battery life, more storage and a larger screen, all at a lower weight and cost​​.

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This pre-Black Friday Amazon deal significantly enhances the appeal of the M2 iPad Pro, bringing it closer in price to more practical alternatives. For those who have been eyeing this powerful tablet, the current offer presents the perfect moment to invest in a device that blends high-end performance with the prestige of Apple’s design and engineering. Be sure to snap this offer up before it’s too late.