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Sharp reveals new TVs, speakers, monitors and more at its IFA roadshow

Japanese manufacturer Sharp revealed planned releases for Q4 and beyond at its IFA Roadshow in Birmingham this week

Expert Reviews got a sneak peak at a whole host of new Sharp products at the UK leg of the manufacturer’s IFA roadshow on Wednesday, 28 September.

The Japanese company has products in a huge range of categories and new TVs, speakers, gaming monitors and e-bikes were just some of the highlights from the event.


Perhaps most interesting were the various new televisions Sharp plans to launch over the next six months. Its new FS Series is specifically designed with gamers in mind, supports 144Hz refresh rates, VRR, Dolby Vision IQ and has a sound system created by Harman Kardon integrated under its panel.

Boasting similarly impressive specs were a trio of MiniLED options: the XLED300, XLED1000 and XLED2000, with the digits in their product names representing the number of local dimming zones incorporated in their panels.

The two more advanced models run the Google TV operating system and have refresh rates of 120Hz, while the XLED300 is powered by Android TV and the panel is limited to 60Hz. The 1000 and 2000 models also house light sensors used to adjust picture quality on a scene-by-scene basis via Dolby Vision IQ, Quantum Dot technology for improved colour performance and beefier sound systems.

Like the FS Series, the XLED1000 features an integrated speaker grille under its panel, while the XLED2000 has a 2.1.2-channel system located behind its panel to take advantage of its DTS:X and Dolby Atmos support.

No information on pricing is available as yet but Sharp hopes to have the FS Series and XLED models available by the end of Q1 2023.

It also showcased an entry-level 4K option in the form of the Linux-based FK Series, and the FI Series, a Full HD alternative powered by Android TV. Also on show were the 4K Android-powered FN Series, which are available to buy now, and the more advanced FP Series, which will be released in Q1 next year. 


Sharp demoed various shapes and sizes of speaker at the event, ranging from the CP-SS30 – a pair of bookshelf speakers with optical, Bluetooth and auxiliary connectivity capable of outputting 2 x 30W – all the way up to the Sumo Box Pro, a beefy “professional portable performance speaker” that outputs a whopping 200W.

The latter really packed a punch and is one of a handful of new Sharp products that benefit from Devialet’s Speaker Active Matching technology, which takes a speaker’s exact specs into account before tailoring its sonic output accordingly.

Sharp’s ultraportable range of Bluetooth speakers remains unchanged, with the lineup comprising the GX-BT60, GX-BT180 and GX-BT280. Its party speaker lineup, however, will be bolstered by the arrival of the PS-949 in either Q4 this year or Q1 2023.

The PS-949 is the larger, more expensive sibling of the PS-919 and PS-929, and features a handle and wheels for easier transportation, an IPX4 rating for water resistance and DJ effects. It will also have app support, which the smaller entries in the range lack. The PS-949 certainly looks the part with its eye-catching LED lighting and strobe and has plenty of power and presence to kickstart medium-sized gatherings. The RRP is subject to change but Sharp is targeting £249.

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The big soundbar takeaway from Sharp’s roadshow was the unveiling of a new Atmos bar designed to complement the company’s 2022 EQ Series TVs. Its two older Atmos soundbars – the HT-SBW800 and HT-SBW460 – will go end of life at some point next year and be replaced by a new Devialet-tuned, rear speaker-ready 3.1.2-channel bar.

The level of immersion delivered during a brief Atmos demo was impressive, and with the rear speakers (which will be sold separately to create a 5.1.2-channel setup) there was a convincing sense of sonic envelopment from what should be an affordable home theatre setup.

I also got to see how the EQ Series TV performed when paired with Sharp’s new wireless subwoofer and rear speakers. The TV on its own delivers 2.0-channel sound from its integrated speaker grille, but is transformed into a 4.1 system when connected to the additional wireless speakers. The output proved a clear step up in terms of clarity and benefitted from a healthy dose of extra low-end punch.

Gaming monitors

Sharp clearly has big ambitions to break into the world of gaming monitors, as it was gauging interest and taking feedback on four prototypes at the event. We saw 27in 1080p/240Hz and 32in 4K/144Hz models in addition to 32in (1080p/240Hz) and 34in (1440p/165Hz) curved alternatives.

It’s far too early to make any judgements on panel performance, but build quality looked solid and Sharp says the quartet will be priced very competitively should they make it to market.

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Digital radios, e-bikes, e-scooters and more

Among the myriad other products at the roadshow were the Tokyo and Osaka ranges of digital radios. Between them, the ranges offer a huge amount of choice in terms of prices, features and portability. There was something available at just about every price point, with the Tokyo line including entry-level options like the Pocket Portable Radio (launching Q2 2023) and the Osaka range catering to a more premium market.

Choice is obviously high on Sharp’s priority list, as its range of e-bikes and e-scooters is set to expand greatly in the coming months. It already has the EM-KS1 and EM-KS2 e-scooters available and these are set to be joined by a variety of new options. I laid eyes on one with a honeycomb tyre, one with dual rear suspension, another designed specifically for off-road use, one with a removable battery, another with a detachable seat and even a kids model weighing just 8kg.

It’s a similar story on the e-bike front, with models designed for mountain biking, trekking and city use all set to launch alongside a foldable option in the spring of 2023. Sharp is even planning to launch an e-surfboard, which has to be seen to be believed.

Finally, Sharp had various air purifiers, microwaves, portable air conditioners and dehumidifiers on display. While these perhaps unsurprisingly didn’t capture the imagination of this TV & Audio Editor, the breadth of choice available was to be applauded.

It certainly looks to be an exciting year ahead for the Japanese manufacturer but how well its products perform when put under the Expert Reviews microscope remains to be seen. We’ll be testing and reviewing our pick of Sharp’s new hardware in the coming months, kicking off with a review of its EQ Series TV in October.

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