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The best TV deals in the UK this November

Save money on the latest televisions from Samsung, TCL, Amazon and more with the best TV deals the UK has to offer

Black Friday has been and gone but some of the best TV deals of the year are still available in the lead-up to Christmas.

TV deals have poured in from every retailer over the past few weeks and there have been discounts on popular sets from all of the biggest manufacturers. Below you’ll find our pick of the very best of them – whether you’re after a 32in TV for your bedroom or kitchen, a whopping great OLED to deliver unrivalled picture quality on film night, or a gaming TV with lightning-fast refresh rates and low input lag, there should be something for you.

But don’t be too disheartened if you don’t find something that catches your eye. The nature of the industry means that you may well find the TVs on offer below – most of which have hit record-low prices – are even cheaper in a few months’ time.

Ultimately, most tech depreciates over time, meaning the longer you wait, the cheaper it’ll be. So it really comes down to how much you want a new TV before Christmas and whether you can find an appealing one within your budget.

With that out of the way, let’s get cracking with the best TV deals currently available in the UK.

The best LED LCD TV deals this November

1. 55in Sony X75L (was £782; now £649)

The X75WL isn’t the most advanced Sony TV around but has all the smarts you could ask for thanks to its incorporation of the Google TV OS. If you’re after an attractive Sony TV that’s great for streaming, able to deliver bright, colourful pictures and sounds good too, it’s well worth considering.

Other sizes on offer: 43in (£499) and 50in (£549)

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2. 60in LG UQ81 (was £480; now £399)

Those seeking an affordable way to enjoy films and TV shows on a large screen would do well to check out this deal on the LG UQ81. It’s an entry-level model from last year’s range so don’t go expecting incredible picture quality or next-gen gaming features but £399 is a small price to pay for so much screen real estate. To put what you’re getting into perspective, the 55in model of this year’s UR81 (there’s no 60in model) is priced at £469.

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The best Quantum Dot LED TV deals this November

3. 55in Hisense E7K Pro (avg £743; now £598)

Gamers looking for a TV bargain would do well to consider the E7K Pro from Hisense. It supports refresh rates of up to 144Hz, VRR, and ALLM, and delivers impressive picture accuracy across the full gamut of HDR formats, too. It cost £849 when we reviewed it last month – a price at which it was undercut by the similarly specified TCL C745. However, thanks to this tasty discount, it’s far more competitive and a significantly more appealing prospect.

Other sizes on offer: 65in (£778) and 75in (£999)

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The best Mini LED TV deals this November

4. 50in Samsung QN90C (was £1,125, now £889)

Best Black Friday TV deals - Samsung QN90CUnlike the S-series models below, the uses a Mini LED panel rather than a QD OLED panel. This means it can’t deliver the same levels of contrast but it’s very bright and uses precise local dimming to deliver top-notch picture quality. It sports a stunning design, runs the intuitive Tizen OS, and its powerful Neural Quantum Processor 4K possesses remarkable upscaling capabilities.

Other sizes on offer: 65in (£1,429) and 75in (£2,285)

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5. 65in Hisense U8K (was £1,599; now £1,299)

The U8K is a step up on the E7K Pro above as it uses a Mini LED backlight as well as a Quantum Dot filter. It’s very bright, has a great set of features and its 2.1.2-channel sound system delivers excellent audio. We had some slight hang-ups about its price when we reviewed it and as a result, only awarded it a four-star rating but it’s a far more appealing prospect with £300 knocked off its RRP.

Other sizes on offer: 55in (£899) and 75in (£1,799)

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The best WRGB OLED TV deals this November

6. 55in LG B3 (was £1,189; now £1,099)

LG didn’t release an A-Series TV in the UK this year, leaving the B3 as its entry-level OLED for 2023. It’s not as bright as its C and G-Series stablemates models but shares many of their advantages, including support for 4K@120Hz, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos and the excellent webOS 23, which is the perfect platform for streaming. If you’re looking for an affordable entry point into LG’s OLED range, the B3 is just the ticket.

Other sizes on offer: 65in (£1,499) and 77in (£2,699)

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7. 55in Sony A80L (was £1,599; now £1,399)

The A80L is a magnificent mid-range OLED and is currently available for an all-time low price of £1,399. That’s a saving of £200 on the price it’s been selling for recently: if you want great picture and audio quality combined with support for PlayStation 5-specific features, this is an offer well worth considering. If you don’t already own a PS5 and want one, head on over to our PS5 deals live blog, where we’re bringing you the top offers on Sony’s next-gen console. And if you’re interested in picking up a new TV and console, make sure you check out Currys’ combination deals. By buying a selected Sony OLED, you can nab a PS5 for under £200.

Other sizes on offer: 65in (£1,899)

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The best Quantum Dot OLED TV deals this November

8. 55in Samsung S90C (avg £1,544; now £1,199)

The S90C is the cheaper of Samsung’s two Quantum Dot OLEDs and can’t quite match its spendier stablemate in the picture and audio quality departments. It also lacks the One Connect box cable management solution but despite these compromises, it’s still a sensational TV for the money. It was awarded our Best Buy award at launch but is better value than ever at this record-low price.

Other sizes on offer: 77in (£2,699)

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The best 8K TV deals this November

9. 65in LG QNED96 (was £1,299; now £1,099)

The QNED96 may have been discontinued, but you won’t find a 65in 8K TV for cheaper this month. It uses a Mini LED backlight, Quantum Dot filter and LG’s NanoCell Plus and that trio of technologies should help ensure top-notch picture quality to complement the smart TV experience delivered by webOS 22. Though a strong choice for film fans, its not as appealing for gamers as the panel is limited to 60Hz.

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10. 65in Samsung QN900C (avg £4,349; now £2,899)

The 8K revolution may not be here just yet, but those wanting to future-proof themselves and enjoy a sensational viewing experience while they’re at will be brilliantly served by the QN900C. The 65in model cost £5,099 when we reviewed the larger 75in model earlier this year but is now down to a fraction of that price and the cheapest it’s ever been. It still costs a small fortune but if you can afford it, you won’t find a better 8K TV for less.

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Other TV deals worth considering this November

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