Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 7000 review

Give your hands a rest. An ergonomic keyboard and a superb mouse, but rather pricey.

14 Aug 2008
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The Wireless Desktop 7000 is the only ergonomically shaped keyboard on test.

Microsoft calls this 'Comfort Curve', and says the placement and size of the keys are intended to minimise stresses and strains on your hands while typing. This has resulted in a fairly odd layout, with a cramped left-hand side featuring unusually small Ctrl, Shift and Caps Lock keys, and swollen letters in the centre to fill the space. People react to this in different ways - it can take some getting used to, as we commented when we tested the more basic Comfort Curve 2000 in issue 207 - but the touch-typists among us found it felt perfectly natural, and the key action is smooth and responsive.

The mouse, too, has a sleek and elegant design. Your hand sits on it rather than having to grip it. The high quality laser technology provides spot-on precision for fine work like cropping photos. This is definitely the best mouse in the group, and has its own charging cradle too.

You get a good selection of extras for your £80. The keyboard is framed by dark see-through plastic to echo Windows Vista, and has enough shortcut buttons to take on the Logitech MX 5500 Revolution at its own game, including three transparent pressure-sensitive 'favourite' buttons.

As well as looking striking, the Wireless Desktop 7000 offers the second best keyboard on test for typing, after the two Cherry units. If you're a touch-typist with a bit of cash to spare, it's well worth considering; at a lower price, we'd have given it an award.

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