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The best slippers for women in 2023

Keep your feet cosy and warm all year round with our pick of the best slippers, moccasins, mules and slipper socks for women

We may not always need them in the summer months, but when the seasons change those who feel the chill in their feet turn toward the same clothing staple: a humble pair of slippers. But whatever the weather and whatever type of footwear you prefer to slip into around the house, the best slippers need to do one job well – keep your feet feeling snug and comfortable.

While you might be tempted to spend as little as possible on a pair of slippers, we think they’re a worthy investment. You spend so much of your time using them that it pays to invest in a well-made pair; ones that provide both softness and support, particularly if you work from home. But whether you prefer wool, sheepskin or faux fur, a grippy, sturdy sole or something more flexible, there’s a vast choice of good quality slippers on the market to choose from.

To help you choose, we’ve slipped on a whole stack of slippers in search of the best women’s slippers of all shapes and sizes. Read on and you can take your pick of fancy fashionable sliders, soft sheepskin mules, or outdoor-friendly slippers that can see you through a quick dash outside.

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Best slippers for women: At a glance

How to choose the best slippers for women

What type of slippers should I choose?

There’s a myriad of slipper types and designs available, so your choice depends on what you’re looking to gain from wearing them.

  • Mules: These backless slippers are easy to slide your foot into, and are usually made from a material sturdy enough to keep its shape with a cosy lining inside. A potential downside is you won’t be able to walk particularly fast in them, but for those with sweaty feet, mules are a great option as they’re pleasantly airy.
  • Sliders: An open-toed variation of backless mules, suitable for the fashion forward who enjoy a touch of elegance at home (or those who run extra hot).
  • Slipper socks: Usually studded with grippable pads on the sole, slipper socks are our secret weapon when running to the chilly bathroom at 2am. They’re versatile and great for travelling as they’re lightweight and fold up small.
  • Slipper boots: These are often the warmest option as they completely encase the foot, ankle and sometimes the calf too. Many versions have a soft, pliable sole which depletes their toastiness and wears them out quicker, so look for a solid sole for slippers that will last.
  • Moccasins: A great combination of full heeled slippers that are also soft and flexible, so it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing shoes in the house. They’re made from soft material – often sheepskin or suede – so they’ll retain their shape too.

What kind of material is best for slippers?

  • Wool, or felted wool, is a natural fibre that’s long been a slipper favourite thanks to its ability to retain heat without being clammy. You’ll often see wool combined with other materials, like polyester, to add some stretch into the slipper.
  • Sheepskin is renowned for its insulating and breathable properties, making it a perfect choice for slippers. Of course, it raises the price too – but we think it’s worth it for that effortlessly soft fluff.
  • Leather and suede are classic slipper outers: they’re durable and soft, plus they both develop a lovely smooth sheen over time. While they’re not suitable for vegans, a pair of leather or suede slippers will last a very long time.
  • Memory foam is a common slipper addition: it provides additional comfort, softness and support for your feet, and helps to keep you warm too.
  • Waterproofing or water resistant outer material allows slippers to become more versatile, edging them into indoor/outdoor territory as they protect your feet from rain and dirt. This is incredibly helpful for when you need to pop out to get the washing or take things to the bins.

How we test slippers for women

Discovering whether a pair of slippers is comfy requires testing over a longer period than just a few hours or days. We spent a month wearing each pair of slippers in the list below in multiple scenarios – sitting at a desk, walking outside, and curling up on the sofa – to determine their durability, slip resistance and overall comfort.

In addition, we consider their insulation properties by assessing the material used for the inner lining – and whether it left us with sweaty feet or chilly toes. Appearance matters, too, so we take note of any broken seams, worn-out heels, or if they scuff easily. Most slippers will stretch out after some use, so it’s important to examine whether a pair of slippers provides space for a pair of socks or, conversely, if they become too roomy. We tried out each pair of slippers in our usual shoe size.

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The best slippers for women to buy in 2023

1. Just Sheepskin Alice Mule Slippers: Best overall slippers

Price when reviewed: £75 | Check price at Just Sheepskin

From the moment you slip your foot inside these fully sheepskin-lined mule slippers, the quality is immediately noticeable. Even with bare toes they’re still super warm and feel seriously snug, so they’re unlikely to fall off your foot. And if the mule style isn’t quite your vibe, Just Sheepskin do have a wide range of different styles too, including cuffed boots (£95) and shorter booties (£85).

We’re particularly keen on the sturdiness of the Alice slippers, which feature a chunky, anti-slip sole and a water resistant suede-like outer that can easily manage a quick dash outside in the rain. Though they’re not machine washable, you can remove any stains from the Alice slippers with a wet cloth, or give them a hand wash when needed.

The price is high, but these slippers feel like they’ll go the distance, and are worth the premium price in our opinion.

Key features – Material: Cow suede outer, thermoplastic rubber sole, sheepskin lining; Colours available: Rose, Black w/Dove, Granite; Sizes available: UK 4-7

Check price at Just Sheepskin

2. Damart Thermolactyl Cocoon Slipper Socks: Best slipper socks

Price when reviewed:£9 | Check price at Damart

When you want to curl up on the sofa or slip under the covers, a pair of actual slippers with hard soles aren’t going to cut it. That’s why we love the growing popularity of slipper socks: all the comfort of slippers in a much more versatile and bed-friendly product.

The Damart Cocoon socks keep your feet warm without letting them overheat, while their thermolactyl technology claims to trap heat your body generates instead of letting it dissipate.

But enough with the scientific angle: these Cocoon socks are seriously comfortable, featuring a soft and fluffy faux fur inner lining with a sumptuous cable knit velvety weave on the outside. They’re long too, stretching to just below the mid calf, and have silicone grip marks on the soles to stop you slipping. The only downside is that as the inner lining moves around a little it can get caught between your toes, though that shouldn’t bother the majority of wearers.

Key features – Material: 100% Polyester; Colours available: Three; Sizes available: One size, suitable for sizes 3-8

Check price at Damart

3. Keen Women’s Howser III Slide: Best outdoor slippers for travelling

Price when reviewed:: £65 | Check price at KEEN Footwear

It may surprise you to learn that outdoor footwear experts KEEN also carry a range of slippers. But if you prefer a sturdier, grippier slipper that can handle the odd jaunt outside, the Howser III Slide is actually the perfect choice.

It’s certainly a bit odd when you first try these slippers on, but it doesn’t take long to get to grips with the premise. Super warm and with good arch support, they have a spacious fleece-lined toebox and the cinch bungee cord keeps them snug and secure – there are no laces to worry about.

Thanks to the sturdy sole and an upper made from recycled PET plastic, these slippers are great for a dog walk, putting out the bins, or getting the laundry in. They come in some gorgeous colourways too (we’re big fans of the tartan print) though some customers mention the differing colours actually influence how much the shoes tend to stretch. With that in mind, narrow footed folks should opt for the solid coloured nylon slippers as they have the least give.

Key features – Material: Rubber outsole, recycled PET plastic upper, removable insole, fleece lining; Colours available: Eight; Sizes available: Half and full sizes from 2.5 to 8.5

Check price at KEEN Footwear

4. Pour Moi Faux Fur Crossover Slider Slipper: Best elegant slippers on a budget

Price when reviewed: £16 | Check price at Pour Moi

There’s a certain elegance in wearing fancy slippers around the house, and it’s even easier to achieve with these crossover sliders from Pour Moi. They’re made from a lovely soft faux fur in a selection of colourways with crossover straps and a non-slip sole, and for just £16 they’re a steal.

Sliders are all the rage for their lightweight feel and flexibility, essentially allowing you to benefit from warmer feet without the bulk of a full slipper. Those with particularly narrow feet may find the sizing of these sliders a little wide, so perhaps try a size down to make sure they fit properly.

Key features – Material: Rubber sole, crossover straps, polyester faux fur lining; Colours available: Berry, Black, Blush Pink; Tan Leopard; Sizes available: UK 3-8

Check price at Pour Moi

5. Totes Isotoner Ladies Iso-Flex Herringbone Full Back Slipper: Best machine washable slipper

Price when reviewed: £38 | Check price at Totes

The fullback slippers from Totes Isotoner have a lovely squishy memory foam that cushions and supports your heel and arch, while the full heel design keeps your foot extra warm. The outer soles are made with Everywear Technology – a Totes trademark speciality which allows these slippers to retain their form and comfort even after multiple washes. That’s right – these slippers are machine washable. Simply pop them in a cool wash with some detergent and leave to air dry, away from heat to avoid any shrinkage.

Totes Isotoner slippers fit true to size, despite the fluffy faux fur that’s lining the inside. The first few wears may cause the fluff to shed slightly, but this will dissipate once they’ve been washed.

Key features – Material: Cotton/polyester upper, synthetic sole and cotton/polyester lining; Colours available: Navy; Pale Grey; Pink; Sizes available: 4-7

Check price at Totes

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