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REM-Fit Eco Premium Hybrid mattress review: A good all-rounder to suit all sleeping styles

Our Rating :
Price when reviewed : £999
(king size)

The REM-Fit Eco Premium Hybrid mattress is medium-firm buy that is perfect for anyone who wants the best of both worlds: comfort and support


  • Superb edge support
  • Machine-washable cover
  • Good for all sleeping positions


  • No side handles
  • Motion isolation could be better

When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, a quality mattress cannot be overlooked; something that REM-Fit has kept in mind when creating the Eco Premium Hybrid.

Launched in 2022, the Eco Premium Hybrid is one of four hybrid mattresses in the REM-Fit lineup. The brand’s 400 Hybrid mattress has also been reviewed here at Expert Reviews, winning a four-star rating.

Constructed on a high-density foam base, the Eco Premium Hybrid combines 14.5cm of pocket springs (2,000 2.5cm mini springs and 1,000 12.5cm tall springs in a king size) with a layer of recycled foam that the brand has dubbed “EcoFoam”. It’s then encased in a washable cover, made from upcycled marine plastics. This combination of foam and springs makes the Eco Premium Hybrid the perfect choice, whether you prefer to sleep on your side, stomach or back.

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REM-Fit Eco Premium Hybrid mattress review: What you need to know

As I’ve touched on above, the REM-Fit Eco Premium Hybrid is a medium-tension mattress that combines foam and springs to offer both comfort and support. The 25cm, six-layer construction can comfortably withstand up to 40 stone for a minimum of 15 years, making it perfect for couples or heavier sleepers.

One of the stand-out features of the REM-Fit Eco Premium Hybrid is the brand’s claims of environmental sustainability. While claims such as these should often be taken with a pinch of salt, especially in the bed-in-a-box market, the Eco Premium Hybrid is made with 100% recycled and re-engineered foam and upcycled marine plastics (which the brand calls “Seaqual”).

The mattress comes in the four standard UK sizes: single, double, king and super king (the sample I tested was a king size). REM-Fit offers a fantastic delivery service meaning that if you order by 1pm, you get free next-day delivery. There’s also an option to have your old mattress removed for £50, and this fee also includes delivery to your room of choice and a scheduled delivery day with a 30-minute pre-arrival phone call. However, it’s worth noting that if you do opt for this, you will have to wait between seven and 10 days for your mattress.

Unlike other bed-in-a-box companies, REM-Fit doesn’t ship its vacuum-packed mattress in a cardboard box, which can make getting it into your home a little more awkward. If you have stairs, you’re probably going to need a second person to help you with the setup process. The lack of side handles can also make this process difficult, as well as rotating the mattress (which is something that should be done every couple of months to ensure equal wear and to increase longevity). Once it’s in place and opened up, it takes around five hours for it to fully expand and be ready to sleep on.

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REM-Fit Eco Premium Hybrid mattress review: Price and competition

Pricing for the REM-Fit Eco Premium Hybrid starts at £799 for a UK single, rising to £929 for a double, £999 for a king and £1,149 for a super king.

Compare that to the OTTY Original Hybrid Mattress, which has a similar hybrid construction, with prices starting at £749 for a UK single and rising to £1,249 for a super king.

Another mattress to consider is the Nectar Hybrid mattress, which also has layers of foam but only 1,600 springs (in king size). This starts at £1,249 for a single and stretches to £1,799 for a super king, making the REM-Fit notably good value in comparison.

REM-Fit helps to make the decision to buy a mattress online easier by offering a generous 100-night sleep trial, so if you’re not happy with your mattress within that time-frame you can return it free of charge for a full refund. It’s not the longest trial on offer in the bed-in-a-box market, with Emma offering 200 nights and Nectar and Eve upping the ante with a 365-night trial, but it’s still plenty of time to decide whether or not you’re happy with your purchase.

The brand also offers a 15-year full replacement guarantee at no additional cost, which is five years more than what Nectar, for instance, offers. Always make sure you check the terms and conditions of the guarantee before committing, as REM-Fit reserves the right to offer a refund instead of a replacement if there are any stains or damage to the mattress.

It’s also worth checking if there are any deals on offer before making your purchase. Like many bed-in-a-box brands, REM-Fit runs regular promotional discounts on its mattress, as well as bedding accessories such as pillows.

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REM-Fit Eco Premium Hybrid mattress review: Design & key features

The REM-Fit Eco Premium Hybrid is made up of five layers, all using recycled foam and upcycled marine plastic. The first layer is 2cm of “EcoFoam”, which gives a soft and luxurious feeling to the mattress.

Next is a 6cm “EcoAdvance” foam layer, which has been designed to help regulate body temperature and to ensure hot sleepers stay cool while also providing extra support by contouring the body. This layer is really useful for anyone who may suffer neck or back pain, and I found it really cradled those areas and kept my spine aligned.

There are then two layers of springs. As I’ve mentioned, the king size has 1,000 12.5cm high pocket springs, which create a firm, sturdy feel, and then 2,000 2cm high mini pocket springs for additional support.

The next layer is a 140mm high edge-to-edge support layer, which creates side walls around the mattress and adds additional tension across the surface. This not only stops sagging but also allows side sleepers to sleep close to the edge without feeling like they’re on a slope or going to roll off. As a side sleeper myself, this made a huge difference.

And, finally, making up the base is 40mm of high-density “EcoFoam”.

The cover is also worth a mention. The woven knit aesthetic, for what it’s worth, looks great. It’s also soft to the touch and definitely has a luxurious feel. As touched on above, it’s made using a “Seaqual” fabric which is made up of upcycled marine plastic. As well as being durable and good-looking, this cover is removable and can be machine-washed, so it’s ideal for keeping your mattress fresh and clean.

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REM-Fit Eco Premium Hybrid mattress review: Comfort and support

The REM-Fit Eco Premium Hybrid definitely lives up to its name. The combination of foam and pocket springs offers relief on pressure points and supports body contours, which left me feeling rested and refreshed every morning.

It comes vacuum-packed, so the first job is releasing the mattress. It took around five hours before it was fully expanded, and although there was a little bit of an off-gassing smell, this wasn’t too offensive. Regardless, it didn’t last any longer than 24 hours, and I only had the window open for a short time during the off-gassing process.

This mattress has outstanding edge-to-edge support thanks to the dedicated layer. As a side sleeper who likes to sleep as close to the edge as possible, I felt very protected and never felt as though I was going to fall out of bed. My partner likes to sleep on his back and also commented on how comfortable and supportive the mattress felt, especially with getting rid of the neck pain he’d previously experienced with the Eve Original mattress.

The motion isolation wasn’t as effective as some of the all-foam alternatives, such as the Emma Original. I could definitely feel my partner getting up and coming back to bed during the night and, while this wasn’t quite as disruptive as the whole bed shaking, it was noticeable. That said, the springs do add an extra level of support that some all-foam mattresses might lack, so it’s a worthwhile trade-off. Plus, if you experience any kind of issues getting out of bed, the springs make this a lot easier thanks to that extra level of bounce.

The REM-Fit Eco Hybrid also does a very good job of staying cool throughout the night. As I mentioned above, the EcoAdvance layer is designed as a temperature regulator, and at no point during testing did I ever feel too hot – nor did the mattress feel hot to the touch in the morning. As such, I’d confidently recommend the Eco Hybrid to those prone to overheating in bed.

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REM-Fit Eco Premium Hybrid mattress review: Verdict

The REM-Fit Eco Premium Hybrid has a keen eye on attracting eco-conscious customers. Of course, sustainability claims often have to be treated with some scepticism but, that aside, this mattress is one of the most comfortable hybrids that I’ve tested. With the right combination of foam and pocket springs, it offers an excellent balance of comfort and support.

The medium-firm feel is ideal for those who like to feel a little bounce without feeling as though they’re sinking into the mattress. What’s more, the superior edge support means no worrying about rolling off the side of the bed. And although the motion isolation could be better, I didn’t find it to be a deal breaker. It also feels surprisingly cool and does a good job of providing pressure point relief, making it a good choice for those with back or neck problems.

It’s a great choice for all types of sleepers but, first and foremost, I’d recommend it to side and back sleepers, as well as those who often get too hot during the night.

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