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The Honor 90 smartphone hasn’t been this cheap since Black Friday

The four-star Honor 90 gets a big discount in Amazon’s spring sale – it’s only been cheaper than this during Black Friday

The Honor 90 took everything that worked about one of our favourite mid-range phones and made several key improvements, particularly when it comes to that gorgeous display. While a few things held it back from being a homerun when it first launched, this Amazon spring sale deal makes it feel like much better value for money.

Previously averaging around the £368 mark, the Honor 90 is now going for just £320. We’ve only seen it cheaper than this once before, during the no-holds-barred sales of Black Friday. If this stylish and vibrant handset catches your eye, be sure to get in quick, as the sale ends on Monday 25 March.

Did the Honor 90 get a good review?

  • We awarded the Honor 90 four stars out of five in our full review.
  • The overly busy software, underwhelming speaker and lack of a charger in the box held it back from receiving five stars.
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What’s so good about the Honor 90?

  • The 6.7in display is crisp and impressively bright; during testing, we measured a peak luminance of 530cd/m2, which is a big improvement over the Honor 70.
  • We also recorded an average Delta E colour variance score of just 0.78, which amounts to incredible colour accuracy that just about beats every other phone in the Honor 90’s class.
  • The 200MP main camera captures wonderfully detailed and vibrant images in good lighting conditions. Check out our full review to see the camera samples.
  • During testing, the Honor 90’s performance proved to be very competitive, keeping pace with similarly priced rivals in both our CPU and GPU benchmarks.

Are there any disadvantages to this Honor 90 deal?

  • As mentioned above, there’s no charger bundled in the box. Nor does the Honor 90 support wireless charging.
  • We found the operating system to be overly cluttered compared to stock Android, with a fair few preinstalled bloatware apps clogging up the homescreen when we started testing.
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How has the Honor 90’s price changed over time?

  • The Honor 90 originally launched for £450, and has since averaged around £368 in price.
  • It briefly dropped to £299 during Black Friday, but other than that, it has never been this cheap.

Where can I find more phone deals?

How does Expert Reviews find deals?

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