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Ergo4u ergoCloud review

Ergo4u ergoCloud
Our Rating :
Price when reviewed : £112
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It's incredibly expensive for what it is, but if you want a simple way to alleviate wrist and forearm pain when using your computer it could be a good choice.

The problem with sitting in front of a computer all day is that not every desk is designed to give your arms the support that they need. One problem, particularly with narrow desks, is that your forearms can go unsupported all day, causing pain and numbness in your arms, hands and wrists.

It’s a problem that Ergo4u wants to solve with its ergoCloud support. Essentially, it’s a padded board that clips onto the front of your desk to give your arms support. Its curved interior has been shaped to fit around your body comfortably, while maintaining support for your arms.

The ergoCloud has U-shaped arms that should fit on the support bar that the majority of desks have at the front, while the top of the ergoCloud sits on top of your desk. Before you buy, make sure that you measure the position and depth of the bar on your desk, as we found that the ergoCloud wouldn’t fit on our work desks as the support was both too deep and set too far back from the front; fortunately, Ergo4u will manufacture a custom ergoCloud for the same money.

Once we’d found a desk that our review model would fit on, we were impressed with its comfort. The padded top provides a decent amount of support and doesn’t get uncomfortable over time. As well as supporting our forearms, we found that it helped our posture and kept our shoulders and back in more comfortable positions.

In particular, using it on a thin desk, where our arms usually had no support, we found it much more comfortable to use our computer. As the ergoCloud unclips, we could even store it neatly out of the way when it wasn’t being used.

Our one minor complaint about the product’s build is that the material used tends to pick up fluff and dust, and you can’t simply brush them off. Unless you’re careful and don’t eat at your desk, you could find the product getting quite dirty over time.

The big problem is the price: $170 (around £112) including shipping. This is a lot of money to pay for a product that’s basically a padded board with a couple of hooks on it. Realistically, we’d have expected it to cost less than £50. The reason for the high price is that the ergoCloud is currently manufactured by hand and so doesn’t have the cost reductions associated with mass production.

Ultimately, the real question will come down to how much you need it. If you’ve got a wide desk and can comfortably push your keyboard and mouse back so that you’ve got full support for your forearms, you should be alright. If you’ve got a desk that doesn’t give you the necessary support and you have sore wrists or arms, the ergoCloud is a simple way to improve that situation without having to replace your furniture.


Price £112
Rating ***

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