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Best Amazon deals: The greatest deals and discounts for the month of May

Sherwin Coelho Duncan Robertson
29 Apr 2022

Here are some of the best Amazon deals you can find during the month of May

Finding the best deals Amazon has to offer can often feel like a daunting task. Fortunately for you, we've done our research to compile our list of the best deals in over 7 different product categories.

Below you will find our top picks separated into different categories. Find everything from smartphones, toothbrushes, coffee makers and more. Keep in mind, some of these deals are up to 50% off, and this means they are only likely to be around a couple days, so you need to act quickly if you find something that takes your fancy!

Some deals may only be applicable to Amazon Prime members. If you don't have one, you can start your 30-day free Amazon Prime membership. After your free trial, Amazon Prime will cost £7.99/mth, but you can cancel your membership at any time.

Amazon Prime has many benefits, including same or one-day delivery on thousands of products, same-day grocery delivery, unlimited streaming with Amazon Prime Video, and access to over 2 million songs courtesy of Amazon Music.

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Best January sales Amazon deals: Quick links

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Smartphone deals

1. Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 (was £200; now £179)

One of our favourite affordable smartphones is currently on offer. We love the Redmi Note 11 for its crystal clear OLED display and surprisingly capable processor. Even though it’s not a huge advance over its predecessor, it’s an update on a winning formula. And if you ask us, its spotless design asks questions of even the most popular smartphones.

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2. Apple iPhone 13 Mini (was £679; now £629)

In our full iPhone 13 mini review, we dubbed it the “best small phone money can buy”. Well right now, you can get that same small phone for even smaller amounts of money. The improved battery life, storage and cameras over the 12 mini make this a particularly great phone. If you’ve been waiting for a deal for a new smaller phone, now’s the time.

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Other notable smartphone deals

Hair care and grooming deals

1. Panasonic Hair Dryer (was £110; now £60)

Three speeds and four temperature settings mean that this dryer protects your hair from heat damage and dries it quickly and safely. The patented Nanoe technology and Quick-Dry nozzle will make sure your hair doesn’t dry out, whilst keeping it looking sleek and shiny.

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2. Braun 6-in-1 Beard Trimmer (was £33; now £20)

This versatile trimmer is a popular choice for many thanks to its 6-in-1 styling kit that covers all the bases and because of Braun’s reputation for generations of great beard trimmers. It’s usually a well-priced product for its versatility, but with this deal it’s even more reasonable.

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Other notable hair care and grooming product deals

Laptop deals

1. Asus ZenBook 14 (was £700; now £550)

Incredibly slim and lightweight, the Asus ZenBook 14 manages to pack a lot of power into its slight frame. Inside you'll find an 11th-gen Intel i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD, with all three working in unison to deliver fast, fluid performance.

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2. 2020 Apple MacBook Air (was £999; now £887)

For its price, this laptop performs brilliantly. It has a beautiful colour-accurate display and a premium build quality and design as MacBooks are known for. Despite strong competition, this remains an excellent member of the MacBook family and definitely worth a look for this deal price.

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Other notable laptop deals

Electric toothbrush deals

1. Oral-B Smart 6 6000 (was £220; now £102)

This deal includes one of the more advanced brushes in Oral-B's range, but for a heavily discounted price. Such massive savings won’t be around for long though, so if it’s taking your fancy, we’d recommend acting sooner rather than later.

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2. Philips Sonicare Advanced Whitening Edition (was £250; now £100)

Philips’ Sonicare range is one of the most consistent offerings you’ll find in the electric toothbrush market. This particular model is great because of its compact carry case and intelligent pressure sensor that warns you if you’re brushing too hard and potentially damaging your gums and teeth. With such a substantial saving, this is a great deal.

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Other notable electric toothbrush deals

Headphone deals

1. Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones (was £130; now £89)

The best feature about these headphones is the A.I. powered noise-cancelling technology, which can be adjusted to let in varying amounts of ambient noise. You can expect 35 hours of playtime on a single charge, and connect via both Bluetooth and NFC.

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2. Bose SoundLink II Headphones (was £200; now £159)

The SoundLink II from Bose is usually quite a pricey set of headphones. With this deal, you get the great comfort and battery life these headphones are known for at 20% off. If you're on the hunt for a new set of Bose headphones, now's the time to strike.

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Other notable headphone deals

Vacuum cleaner deals

1. Eufy by anker RoboVac (was £220; now £189)

One of our favourite robotic vacuum cleaners is currently on offer. This powerful, yet quiet bot will keep your home nice and clean without you taking time out to do chores. It also has built-in Alexa and Google Assistant support, so if you want to fulfil your Iron Man talking to JARVIS fantasies, this deal is for you.

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2. Shark Anti Hair Wrap Vacuum Cleaner (was £250; now £179)

With a dedicated tool for easily clearing up pet hair from carpets and soft furnishing, this Shark vacuum cleaner is a great choice for people with fur babies. The Flexology also makes it easy to get this model under the sofa or into hard to reach places, giving you a better range of movement for a more thorough clean.

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Other notable vacuum cleaner deals

Coffee machine deals

1. De'Longhi Nescafe Dolce Gusto Mini Me (was £110; now £49)

Look beyond its stylish aesthetics and you have a capable coffee maker that’s got a big enough tank to make many drinks. The Dolce Gusto Mini Me works with a pod system. All you need to do is throw one into the top and the machine does the rest with perfectly proportioned espressos, lattes and other drinks.

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2. Nescafe Dolce Gusto Piccolo XS (was £80; now £37)

If you want a coffee machine but without the hefty price tag that comes with a barista’s bells and whistles, a machine like this is perfect. Its compact design will allow it to fit in the smallest of kitchen spaces, and will help it look sleek and modern at the same time. It can serve hot and cold drinks and unlike many larger coffee machines, it’s nice and easy to clean.

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3. De’Longhi Eletta Cappuccino (was £1,000; now £682)

If you’re a bit more of a coffee connoisseur, then the Eletta might be a better option for you. All its settings are expertly calibrated for different drink configurations through precise touchscreen controls.

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Other notable coffee machine deals

Home appliance deals

1. SodaStream Spirit (was £100; now £67)

What’s better than a gin and tonic for a night in? Saving money on pricey bottled sparkling water brands. There are three levels of carbonation to choose from, with this machine able to change tap water into mix-ready sparkling in seconds.

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2. Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer (was £430; now £279)

A good quality whisk and mixing bowl are essential items in your cupboard, but even better is a dedicated electronic mixer that does the hard work for you. This Kenwood unit comes with a 5L mixing bowl and a powerful 1000w motor on this device, ensuring that you can whip up tasty baked goods with minimal effort.

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Other notable home appliance deals

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