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Pick up a TERRIFIC Tower air fryer deal this Black Friday

Tower T17088 deal header

The Tower Vortx Duo T17088 air fryer has plummeted down to just £99 on Amazon in the Black Friday sale

The big day itself might have been yesterday, however Black Friday deals will be hanging around for a few more days yet. And here we have the Tower Vortx Duo T17088 air fryer which is available for just £99 on Amazon. While the RRP on Amazon is £140, this Tower air fryer averages £132 so you’ll be able to save a respectable £33 if you buy it during the Black Friday sales.

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We haven’t reviewed this specific model, however its predecessor, the Tower Vortx Duo T17099, received a four-star rating, indicating Tower’s commitment to quality and functionality in its air fryer range. We can assume the T17088 has followed in its footsteps.

The Tower Vortx Duo T17088 features Tower’s innovative Duo Basket Technology with two large 4.5l baskets. This dual-basket system allows you to cook smaller portions in one basket or use both to prepare meals large enough to feed up to eight people. The combined 9l capacity is perfect for large gatherings or family meals.

One of the unique features of this air fryer is the Smart Finish function, which synchronises cooking in both baskets to finish simultaneously, even if different foods require different cooking times. The Match Cook button further simplifies the process by setting both baskets to the same temperature, ensuring even cooking.

The Vortx Duo T17088 is equipped with ten preset meal options, including roasting, baking and grilling. This versatility transforms it into a multi-functional kitchen appliance capable of preparing a wide range of dishes.

This Tower air fryer is designed to cook food up to 30% faster than conventional ovens while using significantly less energy. It’s estimated that using this air fryer can save up to 70% on energy, potentially reducing energy bills by £259 per year.

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This Black Friday deal means you can welcome the Tower Vortx Duo T17088 into your kitchen, speed up your cooking and save yourself £33 in the process. If you’re looking for a different air fryer, we’ve put together a roundup of the best Black Friday air fryer deals we’ve seen throughout this deals period.