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The best bedroom carpets to buy in 2023

Get on your happy feet with our selection of the best bedroom carpets to sink your toes into

The best bedroom carpets are tactile and inviting when you jump out of bed in the morning. Our bedrooms are a place to relax and recharge, with carpet adding a feel of softness and warmth that you don’t get from hard flooring. With lower traffic than some areas of the house, this is a room where you can go for a bit of luxury, choose something with a soft pile or experiment with colours and patterns.

If you’re not sure where to start looking or happen to be on a tight budget, don’t fear, as we’ve rounded up a variety of bedroom carpets starting from only £5 per m2. We’ve also put together a buying guide to answer your questions about bedroom carpets below. But, if you already know what you’re looking for, you can scroll down to read about our recommendations.

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Best bedroom carpets: At a glance

How to choose the best bedroom carpet for you

How much should I spend?

There’s no fixed amount you should spend when it comes to carpets. Obviously, the more expensive carpets tend to be plusher and you would expect them to last longer. But the budget options we’ve included here have a beautiful finish and would suit many homes.

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What options are there for carpets?

Wool – Mainly used for luxury and high-end carpets, 100% wool is more expensive but extremely durable and resilient. It’s also extremely soft, sustainable and great for insulation.

Wool mix – A more affordable option, wool mix carpets are generally made from 80% wool and 20% manmade fibres. They are considered to be a durable, all-purpose carpet.

Polypropylene – This man-made fibre is hardwearing and resistant to stains, as well as easy to clean. Price-wise, it’s hard to beat but it’s worth bearing in mind it it can be flammable.

Polyamide – Also known as nylon, this is available in a wider range of hues and vibrant colours that can’t be reproduced with wool. Durable and hard-wearing, it’s usually also stain-resistant.

Polyester – Similar to wool in its look and feel, polyester is a cheaper option that’s extremely soft, as well as being durable and stain-resistant. You’ll usually find it used as a blend, rather than on its own.

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Do I need underlay?

Often dismissed as a pointless extra, good underlay can actually increase the lifespan of your carpet by up to 50%. Underlay, as you might imagine, is placed under your carpet and can:

  • Add an extra cushioning depth of comfort
  • Help with soundproofing
  • Act as a shock absorber, protecting your floors
  • Act as an insulator

Do I need to use carpet grippers?

A carpet gripper is a rod with angled nails to provide a firm grip on your floors. Thick and rigid, the grippers are ultra-strong and keep your carpets taut, preventing any lumps and bumps. If you’re fitting carpets yourself, do bear in mind that you need to locate any hidden wires or pipes using a detector.

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The best bedroom carpets you can buy in 2023

1. Carpetright Champion: Best budget carpet

Price: £5/m² | Buy now from Carpetright

If you’re on a tight budget, then the Champion Cord plain carpet from Carpetright is hard to beat. Coming in at an astonishing £5 per m2, this carpet is constructed from a blend of polypropylene and polyester that’s extremely hardwearing.

With a gently textured surface, the carpet is surprisingly soft to the touch considering its low cost. There are four colours to choose from – silver, anthracite plain, beige heather and brown heather, all of which are neutral and should blend into any setting. Due to the cost, it’s thinner than more expensive carpets, so we would highly recommend a decent underlay underneath to add thickness and further comfort. The carpet is also backed by foam, which obviously isn’t as hardwearing as some backings, but the material blend is durable and should give a good lifespan.

Key details – Material: Polypropylene / Polyester; Suitable for: Bedroom, Dining Room, Living Room

Buy now from Carpetright

2. Carpetright Aldwych Twist: Best for pet owners

Price: £64m² | Buy now from Carpetright

If you’ve got pets then you’ll want a carpet that’s not only durable and hardwearing but also has excellent stain resistance. Made from 100% polypropylene, the Aldwych Twist is tough with a deep and heavyweight pile that will stand up to day-to-day life. Most importantly for pert owners, or those with young children, is this carpet is stain-resistant and can be cleaned with a mild bleach solution.

It’s available in a number of neutral heathered tones, which work well with most home decor. There’s also a choice of 4m or 5m in width, to reduce the need for joins and its twist pile gives it a “spring back” feel that’s soft and gentle on bare feet.

Key details – Material: Polypropylene; Suitable for: Bedroom, Dining Room, Living Room, Hall, Stairs and Landing

Buy now from Carpetright

3. Fibre Flooring Wool Herringfine: Best luxury carpet

Price: £103m² | Find a stockist at Fibre Flooring

If money is no object, this beautiful carpet from Fibre Flooring will bring a touch of luxury to your bedroom. The thick pile is 6mm deep, allowing you to sink into it for an extremely comfortable feel. We particularly like the Wool Herringfine Manor House, although all of Fibre’s wool carpets are of a similarly high quality. Made from 100% New Zealand wool, this carpet is suitable to use with underfloor heating and can stand up to heavy domestic use.

Fibre carpets can be treated with an Intec stain treatment (this doesn’t come as standard), meaning you’ll be able to clean up any spillages easily. The chunky weave is suitable for use not only in the bedroom, but all around the house including stairs. It’s also available in 4m or 5m width, or you can choose to have it made into a rug.

Key details – Material: Wool; Suitable for: Bedroom, Dining Room, Living Room, Hall, Stairs and Landing

Find a stockist at Fibre Flooring

4. Abingdon Flooring Stain-free Aristocat: Best budget stain-resistant carpet

Price: £18/m² | Find a stockist at Abingdon Flooring

Made from 100% polypropylene, the Stainfree Aristocat comes with a stain-free lifetime guarantee, making it a great choice for those with pets and young children – or just those of us who can be a bit clumsy. There’s a choice of cool neutrals, warm tones and a few bolder looks to suit any interior style.

As well as the thick and comfortable pile of the carpet, there’s a soft fleece backing made from fusing together a fleece layer and a woven polypropylene backing. This gives the carpet a particularly strong and stable finish, and improves its heat and noise insulation. And it means that the carpet is also suitable for use in heavy traffic areas, as well as soft enough to use in the bedroom.

Key details – Material: Polypropylene; Suitable for: Bedroom, Dining Room, Living Room, Hall, Stairs and Landing

Find a stockist at Abingdon Flooring

5. SCS Associated Weavers Proxima Carpet: Best carpet for durability

Price: £37/m² | Buy now from SCS

With a 20-year stain and wear guarantee, SCS are confident that this is a durable carpet that’ll go the distance. Made from 100% polypropylene, the Proxima carpet is bleach cleanable, making it easy to keep it looking fresh and stain-free at all times.

The carpet is available in 13 colours, consisting mainly of shades of beige and grey, although there is also a black option too. The pile is impressively deep and the carpet feels soft underfoot, making it an ideal choice for the bedroom. It’s also suitable for use around the house, including in heavy traffic areas. Choose from a 3m, 4m or 5m width, as well as a range of lengths. The carpet also has an action back, designed to add more comfort underfoot and help with the lifespan.

Key details – Material: polypropylene; Suitable for: Bedroom, Dining Room, Living Room, Hall, Stairs and Landing

Buy now from SCS

6. Crucial Trading Mississippi: Best patterned carpet

Price: £95/m² | Find a stockist at Crucial TradingCrucial Trading carpets are made from luxurious 100% New Zealand wool and feel soft and welcoming to the touch. Its Mississippi range is full of interesting colour combinations, mainly in muted colours, which combine to form an attractive and interesting pattern. Stripes are repeated through the carpet and we think it’s one of the most elegant patterned carpets on the market.

As you’d expect from a premium carpet, the Mississippi range is backed with hardwearing jute, although we’d obviously still recommend using underlay. This makes a lovely bedroom carpet, as it’s soft and inviting, but it’s also extremely hardwearing and could be used in higher traffic areas. And, as an added bonus, it’s also moth resistant.

Key details – Material: Wool; Suitable for: Bedroom, Stairs and Landing, Dining Room, Hall, Living Room

Find a stockist at Crucial Trading

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