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23andMe DNA test now HALF PRICE in Black Friday deal

23andme deal black friday

To celebrate Black Friday, Amazon has chopped a gargantuan £74 off the price of the five-star 23andMe DNA test

If you’ve always wanted to explore your ancestry or potential health risks, there’s never been a better time than this Black Friday: this 23andMe deal sees Amazon reduce the price of the five-star DNA test kit from £149 to just £74. Given that 23andMe’s kit was excellent value for money at its higher price, this is an unmissable deal for budding genealogists.

As well as providing information about your genetic heritage, 23andMe gives you an easy-to-understand overview of health risks such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, eyesight deterioration and, after you’ve read a short tutorial, even certain cancers. It’s probably not one for hypochondriacs, but this is an excellent offer that won’t be around forever – so make sure you take advantage of it quickly to avoid disappointment. 

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23andMe’s kit is probably the most user-friendly DNA test around: you fill the vial with saliva, send it off, wait for three to five weeks and are emailed an intuitive set of results. The ancestry section gives you an overall breakdown of your ethnicity and allows you to connect with DNA matches on the company’s database. However, if you’re looking to build a family tree, you’re better off opting for Ancestry’s much larger database instead

23andMe really comes into its own with the health data. Sensibly, you’ll have to read through a brief explainer before you peruse the more serious health risks and the company emphasises that they’re not the same as diagnoses, while “not detected” doesn’t mean you’re not at risk. 23andMe can indicate if you have the markers of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s or colorectal cancer and there’s a “carrier status” section that outlines 44 conditions that could possibly be passed on to children, including cystic fibrosis.  

In the Traits and Wellness sections, 23andMe can tell you if you’re more likely to get bitten by mosquitos, gain weight, be lactose intolerant, go bald or have dimples. Our test showed that most mozzies should pass us by – it’s a pity no one told them, though!

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All of this adds up to the most versatile DNA deep dive you can buy and this £75 reduction is a truly stellar saving. Again, just ensure you buy it as soon as possible while stocks last. If it’s whetted your bargain-hunting appetite, check out our frequently updated Black Friday roundup, which has links to all of the best offers this month.