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Best women’s pyjamas 2022: The best luxury pyjamas and summer PJs for a cool, stylish sleep

Sleep better and wake feeling (and looking) a million dollars in your perfect pair of PJs. We round up the best women's pyjamas you can buy

The best women’s pyjamas are comfortable and stylish, making you feel gorgeous and snug as a bug round the clock. PJs are no longer just bedclothes for adding extra warmth on cold nights. They’re the centre of your loungewear wardrobe, and a key piece of clothing that you wear night and day, even while working from home. And judging by 2022’s red carpet trends (Amy Schumer and pals even took to the Oscars stage in their PJs), luxury pyjamas could be your next great party outfit.

But let’s not get carried away. Pyjamas are, at heart, practical clothing. The best women’s pyjamas keep you cool in summer (or when your hormones are running riot) and warm in winter, and fit snugly without pinching, itching or scratching. The perfect jim-jams tick all these boxes to help you sleep better and wake up ready for the day, all while looking fabulous.

Skip down the page to discover the best summer short PJ sets, luxury pyjamas, and jersey separates to keep you warm, cool and comfy. Or for more advice on choosing the best women’s pyjamas for different seasons, read on.

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Best women’s pyjamas: At a glance

  • Best for night sweats: Piglet in Bed Linen Camisole Shorts Pyjamas | Buy now
  • Best luxury pyjamas for women: Fable & Eve Carnaby Shirt Pyjama Set | Buy now
  • Best value women’s pyjamas: New Look Pink Floral Gingham Set | Buy now
  • Best all-season pyjamas for women: Jigsaw Pure Cotton Checked Pyjamas | Buy now
  • Best short cotton pyjamas for summer: Boden Broderie Short Pyjama Set | Buy now
  • Best maternity pyjamas: New Look Maternity Pink Soft Touch Legging Set | Buy now

How to choose the best women’s pyjamas for you

Why do I need pyjamas – especially in summer?

Sleeping in the buff certainly has its benefits, but don’t make the mistake of assuming it’s always the coolest or comfiest option. Contrary to popular (and logical) belief, you’re better off wearing pyjamas if you’re feeling hot at night.

The medical experts at US organisation say that the right nightwear fabric is essential for creating your optimal sleep environment. According to sleep guru Dr. Sophie Bostock (aka The Sleep Scientist), pyjamas act as a moisture-wicking surface that absorbs sweat droplets from your skin’s surface and then dries quickly, keeping you cool and fending off clamminess. If you sleep naked, by contrast, the moisture has nowhere to go, and builds up into a sticky sweaty layer. Cue the dreaded sticking-together thighs, clammy armpits and sweaty underboob.

So the right pair of pyjamas could make all the difference to your comfort on summer’s warmest nights, as well as during the chill of winter. But don’t just chuck on an old T-shirt and leggings. To ensure that your nightwear hits the right comfort level, you need to buy an appropriate type and material for your needs and the season.

What’s the best pyjamas material?

If you suffer from night sweats or menopausal hot flushes, pyjamas made from natural fibres such as linen and bamboo can be a game changer. Linen and bamboo are naturally moisture-wicking and soft on the skin, as well as being hypoallergenic and biodegradable.

Cotton is a year-round hero. Light smock-style cotton pyjamas are great for letting the air circulate in summer, while brushed cotton is great for keeping you snug in winter. Double-brushed cotton, aka flannel, is especially warm, and holds its shape well for years on end.

Synthetic fibres such as viscose and polyester are useful for adding stretch and sheen to fabrics, but as a rule they’re not great at wicking moisture, so they may hamper your efforts to sleep on hot nights. They’re great value, though, and you’ll notice that our recommended pyjamas with synthetic fibres are somewhat cheaper than those made from 100% linen or cotton.

Jersey is thick T-shirt material, usually made from absorbent synthetic fibres or a cotton-polyester mix. It’s extremely soft, so ideal for wearing in bed, and it’s also affordable, comfy and machine-washable. However it doesn’t hold its shape (saggy bottoms ahoy) so it may not be particularly durable.

Satin is a way of weaving natural or synthetic fibres to create a glossy, smooth surface. Pricey satin (made from silk, for example) tends to be dry clean-only, while the cheap stuff (usually polyester) can usually be thrown in the washing machine.

A great pair of PJs isn’t all about the fabric type, of course. Details like loose-fitting silhouettes and short sleeves or sleeveless designs can really affect your comfort level and help you sleep. Short, breathable linen or cotton pyjamas are a godsend on hot nights, so we’ve included a couple of these in our round-up.

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The best women’s pyjamas to buy in 2022

1. Piglet in Bed Linen Camisole Shorts Pyjama Set: Best women’s pyjamas for night sweats

Price: £79 | Buy now from John Lewis

Linen’s propensity for creasing gives it a hit-and-miss reputation for daywear, but this natural fibre comes into its own at night time. It wicks away moisture and then dries really fast, so any sweat you generate during the night quickly disappears and you can wave goodbye to waking up in soggy sheets. As a result, linen is far more cooling than wearing your birthday suit in bed.

This lovely soft, luxurious, pure French linen two-piece from pyjama experts Piglet in Bed is a superb investment for any woman who struggles to sleep in summer, and suffers night sweats all year round. The relaxed fit and pull-on elasticated waistband add to your comfort level, and the deep pockets are high on our PJs wish list. We love this classy blueberry colour and scoop neck design, although you may find it doesn’t offer quite enough coverage under your arms to avoid clammy armpits. The linen is machine-washable at 40°C and dries really fast, so you can wash it every day during the warmer months.

Key features – Material: 100% French linen (machine washable 40°C); Sizes available: 5 (XS-XL); Colours available: 1

Buy now from John Lewis

2. Fable & Eve Carnaby Shirt Pyjama Set: Best luxury pyjamas for women

Price: £85 | Buy now from John Lewis

These exquisitely soft pyjamas are the most expensive on our list, but they’re also the ones you’re most likely to wear all year round – and round the clock. Cool in summer and warm in winter, this modal-cotton mix has a lovely subtle sheen and a slight stretchiness that allows it to move with you as you turn over in bed or slink around the house.

As with most pyjamas on our list, this set is only available in one pattern and colour, but it’s an absolute beauty, managing to look classic and contemporary at the same time. The drop-shoulder tailoring and trims are incredibly stylish and easy to wear, whatever your shape. You can tumble-dry these PJs, too, for maximum bedtime luxury.

Key features – Material: 68% modal, 32% cotton (machine washable 30°C); Sizes available: 6 (8-18); Colours available: 1

Buy now from John Lewis

3. New Look Pink Floral Gingham Wide Leg Trouser Pyjama Set: Best value women’s pyjamas

Price: £15 | Buy now from New Look

This £15 pure cotton vest and trousers set won’t make you the envy of the red carpet, but they will keep you fresh in bed and comfortable while you pad around the house. The thick straps and scoop neck of the soft vest are really comfy, and even though there are no sleeves, the fit is snug enough to help keep your armpits cool. The elasticated waist, tie front and on-trend wide leg of the gingham trousers give you plenty of room to move, and the bum and gusset offer a comfortably snug fit.

New Look’s sizing and sustainability policies meet with our approval, too. These pyjamas are available in size XS (UK 4-6) up to L, which is 16-18 – not the shamefully dinky size 12 that some retailers reckon deserves an “XL” tag. This piece is part of New Look Kind: styles that are responsibly sourced and friendlier to the planet. New Look’s free returns policy scores another point.

Key features – Material: 100% cotton (machine washable); Sizes available: 4 (XS-L); Colours available: 1

Buy now from New Look

4. Jigsaw Pure Cotton Checked Pyjama Set: Best all-season classic pyjamas for women

Price: £65 | Buy now from Marks and Spencer

Cotton PJs don’t have to be short or even sleeveless to keep you cool in summer. Jigsaw’s pure cotton button-through set is full-length but has excellent moisture-wicking properties, so it’ll keep clamminess at bay on warm nights, and also keep the chill out if you struggle with temperature control. We love the classic checked pattern and slouchy silhouette, and the pockets have plenty of room. It’s just a shame you can’t get this set in more colours.

Key features – Material: 100% cotton (machine washable 30°C); Sizes available: 5 (XS-XL); Colours available: 1

Buy now from Marks and Spencer

5. Boden Broderie Short Pyjama Set: Best short cotton pyjamas for summer

Price: £70 | Buy now from Boden

This stunning embroidered set of short PJs is ideal for summer nights, and would make a wonderful pressie. The details are gorgeous: wide elasticated waist with a fabric tie, beautiful broderie at the hem, lovely wide shoulder straps, and a gently elasticated chest band to preserve your modesty without feeling tight. The smock top is flattering for most shapes and sizes, and the matching drawstring shorts have a high enough waistband to make you feel fully clothed, which you certainly can’t say for all PJ bottoms!

Key features – Material: 100% cotton (machine washable 30°C); Sizes available: 9 (6-22); Colours available: 1

Buy now from Boden

6. New Look Maternity Pink Soft Touch Legging Pyjama Set with Animal Print: Best maternity pyjamas

Price: £20 | Buy now from New Look

New Look’s super-soft jersey pyjama set is designed for pregnant women and new mums, but many of us non-pregnant types appreciate a bit of extra supper room, too. The fabric is blissfully comfy and stretchy, although the skinny fit leggings may feel a bit tight in the later stages of pregnancy. We like the cropped sleeves, which don’t get in the way or need pushing up your arms, and the animal print is fun but classy.

The main downside is the synthetic content of the fabric, which won’t last as long or prove as cooling in summer as natural fibres. But at just £20 for pyjamas that look brilliant, feel comfortable and grow with your bump, this is a fantastic buy.

Key features – Material: 95% polyester, 5% elastane (machine washable); Sizes available: 5 (6-14); Colours available: 2

Buy now from New Look

7. M&S Boutique Stripe Shortie Set with Eye Mask: Best satin short pyjamas for women

Price: £30 | Buy now from Marks and Spencer

We love these striped short pyjamas so much we’d happily wear them to a summer party. The open-collar shirt and shorts have a sumptuous satin finish that feels cool against your skin, at least at first – the sustainably-sourced viscose fabric won’t keep you quite as cool as linen or cotton. We love the tailoring and the boxer-style waistband, whose fit is boxy and roomy enough to let the air flow. And a bundled eye mask that’ll make you look and feel like Audrey Hepburn while you get your zzs? Yes please.

Key features – Material: 100% viscose (machine washable); Sizes available: 7 (10-22); Colours available: 1

Buy now from Marks and Spencer

8. River Island Panther Satin Pyjamas: Best satin pyjama top and bottoms for women

Price: £22 trousers, £22 shirt | Buy top and bottoms now from ASOS

Add style and sheen to your bedtimes with these River Island separates, whose panther print, satin fabric, wide leg and high waist are all bang on trend. They won’t keep you cool at night (polyester isn’t great at wicking sweat), so beware if that’s an issue for you. They’re great for cooler nights, and excellent for lounging attractively on the sofa.

You can also buy these separates direct from River Island, which also has them in green, and what it calls “plus sizes” (a mere 14 and above!), but you’d have to spend £50 to get free delivery. ASOS offers free delivery (and free returns) on either of these £22 items separately, making it a better buy.

Key featuresMaterial: 100% polyester (machine washable 40°C); Sizes available: 4 (6-12); Colours available: 1

Buy top now from ASOS

Buy bottoms now from ASOS

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