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Best dressing gowns 2022: Bathrobes, kimonos and nightgowns for men and women from £15

Wrap up all your loungewear needs with a stylish new dressing gown

It might not be the most obvious wardrobe investment piece, but the best dressing gown will be your friend for life. It’ll be there for you when you fall out of bed, step out of the shower and snuggle on the sofa – and it’s your wardrobe’s best trick for making you look the bee’s knees in seconds flat.

There’s a whole range of dressing gown types, from big fleece body-huggers to barely-there satin wraps. In between are the all-rounders: smooth cotton kimonos, waffle bathrobes, and jersey wraps that feel cosy without weighing you down.

In our roundup below, we’ve chosen our top dressing gowns you can buy today, considering factors including practical fabrics, design features (yes, we’re talking pockets), price and flattering shapes. First, here’s a guide to wrapping yourself in the right fabric.

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Best dressing gown: At a glance

How to choose the best dressing gown for you

What’s the best material for dressing gowns?

High-quality cotton is many people’s automatic go-to when checking fabric labels, especially when buying nightwear and loungewear. But it’s not that simple. Here’s why.

Flat-woven cotton feels lovely against your skin when you’re dry, but it doesn’t absorb moisture, so it doesn’t wick sweat away from your body on hot days or when you’re just out of the shower. Result: clammy skin. Manufacturers have therefore devised ways to improve the absorbency of cotton: add synthetic fibre (such as polyester or nylon), then weave it in a waffle or towelling structure to help trap air and moisture. Which brings us to…

Terry towelling is a frankly ingenious way of turning flat, non-absorbent fibre into a fluffy, cost-effective, highly absorbent and fast-drying fabric. The manufacturer takes natural or synthetic fibre or a mix of both, and weaves it into thousands of little loops. The result is a lightweight textured fabric that’s perfect for bathrobes and towels.

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Waffle weave is currently supremely popular among fans and manufacturers of dressing gowns, for good reason. Like towelling, waffle is a cost-effective weave that creates texture without weight, and can be woven from all manner of fibres to boost absorbency and drying powers. The number one dressing gown in our list is a 100% cotton waffle bathrobe.

Flannel is double-brushed cotton or viscose (aka rayon, a semi-synthetic fibre derived from cellulose). The classic high-end material for tartan nightgowns and pyjamas, flannel is supremely warm and luxurious and holds its shape well for years on end. But it’s pricey and heavy, so it’s not ideal for a quick poolside throw-on.

Jersey is effectively T-shirt material, usually made from absorbent synthetic fibres or a cotton-polyester mix. A softer, thicker version of the jersey is ideal for loungewear and pops up in everything from sweat pants to thermal long johns. It’s affordable, comfy and machine-washable, but it doesn’t hold its shape so it’s not particularly durable.

Satin is a way of weaving natural or synthetic fibres to create a glossy, smooth surface. Pricey satin (made from silk, for example) tends to be dry-clean-only, while the cheap stuff (usually polyester) isn’t very durable, so proceed with caution.

Fleece is woven for warmth without weight, usually from polyester. It’s affordable, soft and incredibly warm, but the cheap stuff bobbles after a few washes. It dries quickly but doesn’t absorb moisture like terry or waffle.

Velour aka plush is like fleece’s posh cousin. It, too, is woven for warmth and comfort, usually from polyester – but is even warmer and cosier than fleece, with a softer velvety feel. It washes and dries well. Perfect for winter dressing gowns that you wear over your PJs.

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The best dressing gowns to buy in 2022

1. The White Company Unisex Cotton Waffle Double Faced Robe: The best dressing gown for men and women

Price: £70 | Buy now from The White Company

White waffle cotton bathrobes are everywhere. We considered several for our line-up, including lovely robes from Selfridges and John Lewis, but this number from The White Company came out on top. Not only does it beat other waffle robes hands down (deep down in its all-important pockets), but we reckon it’s currently the best unisex dressing-gown of them all.

Its stylish waffle pattern makes the most of its soft, sturdy, high-quality cotton, to produce a highly absorbent and fast-drying robe that’s ideal for the bathroom. It’s not only light enough for summer, but far less flimsy than other waffle robes we tried, so it’ll keep you warm as well as dry. And it has the feel of a garment that will last for years, with superb stitching right down to the hook loop.

The shawl collar, patch pockets, long belt tie and tailored shoulders give it a classy look, and it’s a nice length, too, so it won’t drag on the floor or risk your modesty. It comes in a range of sizes that put other retailers to shame, going from Extra Small all the way up to Extra Large.

Key specs – Material: 100% cotton; Machine washable: Yes; Colours available: 1; Sizes available: 5 (XS-XL)

Buy now from The White Company

2. Soak & Sleep Turkish Cotton Bathrobe: Best value cotton bathrobe

Price: £45 | Buy now from Soak & Sleep

This unisex dressing gown from bedding and bathroom specialist Soak & Sleep is made from high-quality cotton, which has been grown in the Aegan region of Turkey.

Terry woven at 450 GSM (that’s weight in grams per square metre), the soft bathrobe is perfect for wrapping up in after a shower, or just for loafing about the house in. It’s available in four sizes from small to extra large, and comes in a choice of two neutral colours: light grey and white. Plus, it has not one, but two side pockets.

At £45, Soak & Sleep’s Turkish Cotton Bathrobe is reasonably priced, too. And you might even be lucky enough to find it discounted in one of the brand’s promotional sales.

Key features – Material: 100% cotton; Machine washable: Yes; Colours available: 2; Sizes available: 4 (S-XL)

Buy now from Soak & Sleep

3. Boss Cotton Dressing Gown with Contrast Piping: The best dressing gown for men

Price: £99 | Buy now from Hugo Boss

This soft Hugo Boss dressing gown manages to turn the ultimate in informal loungey-sporty fabrics, jersey, into a luxurious garment that you’d be very proud (nay, smug) to throw on at the gym or hang from your bedroom door.

The calf-length kimono wrap has a couple of slash pockets (you can’t see them in the photo, but believe me, it wouldn’t have ranked this high without them) and proper cuffs finished with white piping to create a modern, sophisticated look. The gown also comes in three colours with piping, but we think the dark blue version just edges it on style.

Jersey doesn’t dry off quite as efficiently as towelling or waffle in our experience, but this robe is still fairly quick-drying and certainly won’t leave you feeling clammy.

Key specs – Material: 100% cotton; Machine washable: Yes; Colours available: 3; Sizes available: 5 (S-XXL)

Buy now from Hugo Boss

4. H&M Satin Dressing Gown: Best satin kimono

Price: £20 | Buy now from H&M

H&M’s gorgeous new satin robe is perfect for padding about in the warmer months, feeling like a million dollars while knowing you spent only 20 quid. The gown’s feminine silhouette creates flattering gathers when you tie the long ribbon belt, but it’s well-cut and substantial enough to feel tailored and protective, and the hems are finished to a higher standard than we found in several similarly-priced high-street kimonos. The polyester satin material will endure many machine washes, although we advise keeping it cool (30˚C will do).

Key specs – Material: 100% polyester; Machine washable: Yes; Colours available: 1; Sizes available: 2 (XS/S and M/L)

Buy now from H&M

5. Cyberjammies Eleanor Palm Leaf Cotton Robe: Best bold print cotton dressing gown

Price: £32 | Buy now from Amazon

This cool, lightweight, cotton-modal number is super-soft but won’t roast you on a warm day, even when you’re wearing PJs underneath. The robe is beautifully tailored, as you’d hope from nightwear specialists Cyberjammies. It’s wide enough to wrap around you comfortably and tie with the long belt; the cuffs and lapels are secure and flattering; and the pockets are deep. The large, bold print is confident and chic, and the fabric is voluminous – perhaps a little too voluminous if you’re on the small side.

Key specs – Material: 60% cotton, 40% modal; Machine washable: No; Colours available: 1; Sizes available: 8 (UK 8-22)

6. John Lewis Pure Cotton Waffle Robe: The best towelling bathrobe for men

Price: £65 | Buy now from John Lewis

Say no to boring neutrals and wrap yourself in with this classic navy blue pure cotton waffle robe from John Lewis. The colour and texture are just glorious. The thick terry cotton is perfect for drying off after a bath, but we’d recommend running your robe through the machine before wearing it, or you may get dark-coloured bits all over you.

Finished with a piped trim, this stylish robe is made up of quick-drying materials, making it an ideal thing to wear soon after your shower or bath. There’s nothing not to like with its wide shawl collar, deep patch front pockets and adjustable belt for a comfortable yet snug fit.

Key specs – Material: 100% cotton; Machine washable: Yes; Colours available: 1; Sizes available: 4 (S-XL)

Buy now from John Lewis

7. Cotton:On satin robe: Best value dressing gown

Price: £15 | Buy now from ASOS

This lovely kimono-style gown from Aussie brand Cotton:On is a steal for its price. We love the slouchy fit, which makes it light and loose enough to throw on over your clothes. The lovely fine floral print, glossy satin finish and flattering 3/4-length wide sleeves are also top-notch. Sadly there are no pockets or lapels, but you do at least get a belt and belt hook to keep the gown cinched in place, and the hems and finish are really good quality.

Key specs – Material: 100% polyester; Machine washable: Yes; Colours available: 1; Sizes available: 3 (8/10, 10/12, 12/14)

Buy now from ASOS

8. River Island sherpa hooded cosy dressing gown: Best cosy loungewear dressing gown

Price: £45 | Buy now from ASOS

Up your loungewear game with this super cosy sherpa fleece gown, complete with large hood and deep pockets. It’s perfect to throw on over your PJs or undies for snuggling up on the sofa, or even to wear to the corner shop (if you dare). It doesn’t quite work as a bathrobe, though, because the thick, sheepskin-style fleece isn’t absorbent enough to dry you off, and the open front is rather… well, open.

Key specs – Material: 100% polyester; Machine washable: Yes; Colours available: 1; Sizes available: 3 (S, M, L)

Buy now from ASOS

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