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Best Virgin Mobile deals: Get your hands on a Black Friday or Cyber Monday bargain

Searching for a new phone contract? Take a look at these amazing Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers

As much as we may politely smile when unwrapping a Christmas present only to find yet another pair of socks inside, what we’d really like is a brand-new phone – ideally paired with a juicy, easy-on-the-pursestrings contract. Who needs stocking fillers when you can get unlimited texts and minutes on a 24-month basis with zero upfront cost, after all?

And thanks to Black Friday, retailers and network providers are slashing prices on contracts – including Virgin Mobile, “a solid network for the data hungry” according to our 4-star review. Whether you’re interested in a contract with a flagship handset from Apple, Samsung or Huawei, or are on the hunt for a modest mid-range option, we’ve rounded up the best Virgin Mobile Black Friday deals below. Enjoy! Oh… and Merry Christmas.

Our pick of the best Virgin Mobile Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

1. iPhone 8 (4GB for £26 per month, saving £108)

Yes, the arrival of the iPhone Xs knocked down prices for its immediate predecessor, the X – but we’re seeing some absolute bargains on offer for the iPhone 8. This basic 36-month contract gets you 4GB of data – plus 1500 minutes and unlimited texts – for £26 a month. And there’s no upfront cost!

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2. Huawei P20 Pro (60GB for £33 per month, save £144)

Double data… mmmm. Lovely phrase, no? This Black Friday deal for the Huawei P20 Pro increases your monthly data from 30GB to 60GB and gets you 5000 minutes and unlimited texts, all for £33 a month and with zero upfront cost for the handset.

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3. Samsung Galaxy S9 (4GB for £25 a month, save £144)

Providing you’re not in need of an abundance of data, you can pick up Samsung’s flagship phone for a fantastic price. For £25 a month, you can get the S9 with unlimited texts, 1500 minutes and 4GB of data and pay absolutely zilch for the phone itself.

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4. Sony Xperia XA2 and PS4 bundle (4GB for £21 a month, save £108)

Gamers rejoice! You can pick up the Sony Xperia XA2 along with a PS4 and Fifa 19 in this great bundle deal. A monthly fee of £21 will get you unlimited texts, 1500 minutes, and 4GB of data, which is double the usual amount. Back of the net!

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5. Samsung Galaxy J3 and Amazon Fire 7 Tablet (10GB for £17 a month, save £48)

Prices start from as low as £13 a month for this bundle deal – but for our money, we think the best deal for the Samsung Galaxy and seventh-generation Fire is the £17 offer that gets you 2500 minutes, unlimited texts and 10GB of monthly data. Especially as that data has been doubled from 5GB.