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This crazy-cheap 12GB 5G SIM deal is just £4 per month

A decent amount of data for not very much money.

As somebody who works from home and is mainly tethered to Wi-Fi, I don’t need much data in a month. As such, spending money on anything over 10GB seems a bit pointless for me — indeed, during lockdown, I actually switched to 1pmobile, so confident was I that I didn’t need vast amounts of data.
But this new offer from lets you have the best of both worlds: enough data to get by on, without spending a great deal of money. It’s a one-year contract where you get unlimited minutes and text, plus 12GB of 5G data for just £4 per month. Yes, that’s £4 — 400 pennies.
It’s with ID Mobile, which is a company you may not be familiar with, but don’t worry about coverage. ID Mobile is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator — or MVNO — which means it piggybacks off the network of a larger partner. In this case, that partner is Three, so as long as you get decent Three reception, you should be golden.
The slight catch is that there is cashback involved. Each month, you’ll actually be charged a (still not unreasonable) £12 per month, but you’ll get the money back if you remember to send in your phone bill on months four, six, eight, ten and 12. Each time you do, you’ll get £19.20 back in your account, bringing the monthly total down to £4 per month.   
As an impoverished post-grad, I did the whole cashback thing for a while, and it was a bit of a faff in those days, requiring you to actually physically post your paper bills in. These days, it can be done directly through the account page, so just set up a calendar reminder on each date and follow the steps provided. (You can still send your bill in the post, but I seriously doubt that’ll be the appealing option to the majority of people reading this.)
If you need more data, then these deals may be better suited. Otherwise, £4 a month is impossible to beat.
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