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The Nintendo Switch is now just £260 – the cheapest it’s ever been at Amazon

The base Nintendo Switch has had a huge price drop ahead of the OLED model launch next month

The original model Nintendo Switch has recently seen a price drop in the UK, bringing the cost down to just £260 at Amazon. This is the cheapest that the hybrid console has ever been on Amazon, making now the perfect time to buy one.

This price drop comes ahead of the launch of the Nintendo Switch OLED on October 8th. This is an updated version that includes a vibrant 7in OLED display, improved storage and redesigns for the dock and kickstand. The new Nintendo Switch will retail for £310, with preorders for both the Neon and White models open now.

While new iterations of consoles are always exciting, they usually bring with them better deals on the previous models. If you aren’t all that fussed by an OLED screen and don’t want to pay £310 for the new Switch, then this price reduction nicely positions the original model as a more affordable alternative.

Even though it’s £50 cheaper, the original Nintendo Switch is by no means less worthy of your attention than its OLED successor. For your money, you’re still getting an incredible console. With plenty of the best Nintendo Switch games offering easy and accessible multiplayer options, this is undoubtedly the best console to buy if you want to play online games with your family and friends.

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Due to a vast increase in third-party developer support, the Nintendo Switch has amassed a simply outstanding lineup of games that can’t be found anywhere else. Nintendo classics like Mario and The Legend of Zelda are strongly represented, of course, but they are joined by an enormous library of third-party titles. From classic favourites such as Minecraft or The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to recent hits like Doom: Eternal and Hades, the array of games available to play on the Switch is staggering.

Then, of course, we get to the namesake feature that makes the Switch such a unique contender in the console wars. Nintendo’s secret weapon is the ability to play games either on your TV or handheld, and switching between the two is as simple as docking or undocking the screen. Gameplay picks up seamlessly, with no delay when swapping from TV to handheld.

Playing games like Breath of the Wild on a big TV gives them the sense of scope that they truly deserve, while slaying some demons on the bus with Doom: Eternal feels more epic than portable gaming has any right to be. While not as graphically powerful as its latest Xbox or PlayStation competitors, the Switch still holds its own, with the 6.2in screen outputting up to 60fps gameplay with enough brightness to keep the sun from ruining your killstreak.

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For more of our thoughts on the Nintendo Switch, you can read our full review here. We originally awarded the Switch four stars, with our main concerns being the number of games that were not available on the console at launch and its average battery life.

Since then, we have decided to reassess our review and bump it up to five stars, as the former situation has vastly improved. Battery life still isn’t the best it could be, but it’s far from a dealbreaker for such an outstanding console.

If you want something to protect your new Switch when you’re out and about, our roundup of the best Nintendo Switch cases has a variety of stylish and supportive options. For the very best gameplay you can get from your new Switch, you can also check out our collection of the best Nintendo Switch controllers on the market.

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