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Pick up the fantastic Google Home Max at half price

You'd be smart to pick up this smart speaker with £200 off

The Google Home Max has always been considered a touch pricey since its release last August. However, if you’ve always been on the fence about investing in Google’s top-end smart speaker, now is absolutely the time to strike.

The Home Max normally goes for £399, but is now on sale for £199 at both John Lewis and Argos. It’s also the same price on the Argos Ebay account, just in case you were concerned this was a misprice.

This isn’t indicative of a UK-wide price cut, by the way: it’s still full price at many major electronics retailers. As far as we can tell, John Lewis and Argos are just trying to clear out some stock – which is pretty forgivable, because brilliant as the Google Home Max is, it’s certainly not small. If you had hundreds of these boxed up and filling your home, you’d be trying to clear them out too.

That said, if you felt like helping their storage problems by taking two off their hands, there is a benefit: you can pair a couple of Google Home Max speakers for stereo sound. That’s “remarkably easy to do within the Google Home app,” Jon wrote in our review “but that ups the price to a rather steep £800.

For that sort of money, I’d be thinking about buying a pair of decent active speakers and perhaps pairing them with a Google Home Mini for smart features instead.” For £399, it feels a lot more viable.

In fact, Jon was pretty positive about everything except the price. As he wrote at the time: “the Google Home Max is the best all-rounder of the smart speakers produced by the big three: Google, Amazon and Apple.” That’s important given Apple’s HomePod itself goes for £319.

“It’s a great product, no doubt, but the problem here is the price,” he continued. “At £400, it’s by far the most expensive of the big three’s smart speakers and, for me, it doesn’t quite justify that premium.”

At £199, it’s a whole different story. Buy it now, before the retailers change their mind.

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