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This INSANELY good Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Black Friday deal is still up for grabs

This post-Black Friday Lego deal on an incredible 2,660-piece set is tailor-made for Harry Potter fans

Very still has the Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle at its lowest-ever price in this spellbinding post-Black Friday deal. At just £95, Harry Potter fans and Lego enthusiasts can add it to their own collections or buy it as a nice gift for someone else.

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This intricate 2,660-piece Lego set allows fans to recreate the iconic Hogwarts Castle and Grounds, featuring several notable locations from the Wizarding World. The set includes the Main Tower, Astronomy Tower, courtyards, Great Hall, Boathouse, bridges and greenhouses. The detailed Hogwarts model also features the rocky landscape, Black Lake, Chamber of Secrets, Winged Key room, Potions Classroom and Chessboard Chamber.

In addition to the main castle, the set includes mini-models such as the Durmstrang Ship, Beauxbatons Carriage with winged horses and the Ford Anglia in the branches of the Whomping Willow. These additional models add depth and detail to the overall Hogwarts scene.

A unique feature of this Lego set is the gold-coloured Lego Hogwarts architect statue, which can be placed next to the “Hogwarts Castle” nameplate or at the corner of the display, creating an enchanting centrepiece.

The impressive size of this model, measuring more than 21cm (8.5in) high and 35cm (13.5in) wide, it definitely captures the magic of the Harry Potter universe, appealing to both adults and children alike.

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This Black Friday deal on the Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle set is an excellent chance for fans to own a piece of the Harry Potter universe at a great price. Although, being that we live in the real world, shouting Accio won’t bring this set to you. Buy it for £43.42 less than its average price before the deal expires. If you’ve got a few gaps in your Lego collection, we have a mega Black Friday Lego deals roundup featuring the best deals we’ve seen so far.