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Google is going crazy with MORE Black Friday deals including Google Home Hub

The big G slashes prices on, well, just about everything

Google doesn’t do things by halves. If you were wondering why only the Pixelbook had seen a big reduction in the run-up to Black Friday, it appears that it was just the first in a deals avalanche. And now Google has added Home Hub and Home Max to the mix…

Google Black Friday deals: Google Home

Google Home is the company’s line of smart speakers and smart screens. What this means is each product has Google Assistant – the company’s artificial intelligence digital assistant – living inside to respond to voice commands. Ask it to play a song, what the weather’s like, what’s in the news, what’s in your calendar or any number of other requests, and it will reply. 

NEW: Google Home Max – Was £399, now £349

If you’re a sound connoisseur and money is no object, then it has to be Google Home Max or nothing though. Usually costing £399, Google will be slashing the price to £349 from 22 November. Whether that makes it good value is really up to you, but here’s what Jonathan said to help you make up your mind: “The Google Home Max is the best all-rounder of the smart speakers produced by the big three: Google, Amazon and Apple. It’s the most flexible in terms of its connectivity; its digital assistant works extremely effectively; and there’s a good balance between the music services and devices it supports and its sound quality.”

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NEW: Google Home Hub – Was £139, now £99

Prefer your smart speaker to have a screen? Say hello to the brand-new Google Home Hub. It can not only answer your requests with words, but with pictures too. And because Google owns YouTube, that makes it a very handy little screen for the kitchen. As reviews writer Edward said in his review: “Consider its low price and that it also doubles up as a brilliant digital photo frame, and it’s impossible not to recommend it as our pick of Google’s Home speakers.”

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Google Home Mini – Was £49, now £29

The cheapest way to get Google Assistant is now ever cheaper, setting you back £29 rather than the usual £49. The sound quality isn’t that great, unless you happen to have a Chromecast Audio device connected to a proper sound system, but for dipping your toe in the water, it makes a great starting point. As Nathan wrote in our review: “I do like the Google Home Mini, despite my issues with the key phrase and the slightly weak microphone and speaker quality. It otherwise works really well, replicating the features of the larger Google Home beautifully, and offers an affordable introduction to the world of digital assistants.”

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Google Home – Was £129, now £79

If better sound quality is what you want, then you’ll be after the standard Google Home. With a decent – if not spectacular – speaker built in, it can really become the centre of your smart home without any extras required. As Nathan wrote: “If you haven’t already splashed out on an Echo, Google Home is an essential purchase. Aside from a handful of teething problems, it’s a remarkable little home helper, and one I can’t recommend highly enough. Amazon’s Echo just isn’t as all-encompassing as Home and, as such, no other personal assistant comes close.”

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Google Black Friday deals: Pixel phones

Good news! If you’re in the mood for a new Pixel phone, all of these prices are available now, until Monday 26 November.

Pixel phones are Google’s own Android smartphones, and besides from being well known for their best-in-class camera, they’re also the first phones to get new Android features due to the software and hardware being made by the same company. No microSD slots, though, so pick your capacity carefully…

Google Pixel 3: Was £739, now £699

The Google Pixel 3 is the latest handset from the company, showcasing Android 9 Pie. It’s a 5.5in device packing the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor and 4GB of RAM. “The Pixel 3 is still waving the flag for Android, delivering a further knockout blow to Apple, and it will be rocketing to the top of our smartphone hierarchy very soon,” wrote mobiles writer Nathan last month. High praise indeed.

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Google Pixel 3 XL: Was £869, now £829

The Pixel 3 XL is like the Pixel 3, only bigger. Same processor, same RAM, but a 6.3in display. It also packs a distinctive notch which may not be to everyone’s tastes, but it was a winner for Expert Reviews’ head of reviews Jonathan who wrote: “It’s a wonderful thing to use, has a fabulous camera and looks utterly gorgeous. It’s the quickest, slickest phone I’ve ever used and is without a serious flaw.”

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Google Pixel 2: Was £629, now £499

Just because it’s 2017 hardware, doesn’t mean you should automatically discount the 5in Pixel 2, which remains a great choice even as we approach 2019. A Snapdragon 835 processor is backed by 4GB RAM and Google’s streamlined Android software for a great, compact experience. As Nathan wrote in our review: “The Google Pixel 2 is as good as Android handsets get and, arguably, as good as any smartphone on the market. You should probably buy one.”

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Google Pixel 2 XL: Was £799, now £599

We had some reservations about the Pixel 2 XL due to some odd screen discolouration, but in terms of performance, it’s still a strong contender with the same Snapdragon 835 processor as the smaller model. With £200 off the price, it’s certainly a more tempting proposition, but buyer beware. As Nathan wrote at the time: “Sure, it has the latest and greatest processor on board, and includes the best smartphone camera to date, but its lofty price and poor video-capture quality mean Google’s plus-sized Pixel 2 XL is certainly not a phone I can recommend.”

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