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Cyber Monday: Save up to 12% on a PlayStation Network top up

Get the most from PlayStation’s game deals with reduced PS credit

The PlayStation online store currently has a gamut of deals, with prices slashed on some of the year’s biggest games. If you’re planning to stock up on digital entertainment for the winter, though, these bargain top up codes will squeeze even more savings from your shop.

The deal, from ShopTo, cuts down from the price of a PS Store top up. The reduction depends on the size of the credit you opt for, with 3% off a £5 top up running through to 12% off a £35 top up, and 10% off a £100 top up

If you grab the £90 top up for 12% less, for example, that means you’ll only need to pay £78.65 for £90 of PS Store credit, which can then be spent on games in PlayStation’s sale.

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Of course, there’s nothing to say what or when you spend the credit. You could spend the money on full priced games. But if you do want to dip into the sales, there are plenty of options to choose from. We’ve listed a few highlights below:

There are plenty more deals on games on the PlayStation Store, so be sure to check them out for yourself. The ShopTo deal is a digital product, by the way, so you don’t have to wait for a physical card to be delivered or anything like that. Once you buy the top up, the retailer will get you a code that can be entered into the PS Store to activate the credit.

Buy now from ShopTo

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