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Get two Nest Minis for under £35 on Cyber Monday

Simply the Nest

If you’re deep in the Google Assistant ecosystem, the chances are that you’ll quite like the Nest Mini. While the smart speaker isn’t the best for music playback thanks to its diminutive size, it’s good to have on hand to answer questions, set alarms and so forth.
And now you can get a couple in your house on the cheap. Usually costing £50 apiece, they’re now selling for £19 apiece at John Lewis. However, if you add two to your basket and apply the code GOOGLE, the price will drop to just £34.20.
That’s because the GOOGLE discount code will knock 10% off any Google smart speaker spend over £35, so if you prefer something beefier, you could snag yourself a Nest Audio for £62.10 (a saving of £27.90 on RRP), a Nest Hub Max for £152.10 (saving £66.90) or any combination of the above. You can browse the full range of included products here
The Nest brand of speakers started off life as ‘Google Home’ before being somewhat confusingly rebranded, but the concept is the same: they’re speakers with a digital assistant built in. That means they’re voice operated, and you can get Google Assistant to play albums, give you a weather forecast and set alarms just by asking out loud.
The Nest Hub sub brand is the same principal, but with a screen built in. This not only means that you can get visual cues along with your answers, but full videos to play via YouTube. You can even stream things via Chromecast, and its Plex compatibility has made cleaning my kitchen a much more fun task since I got one.
Whatever you decide to get, this is a great time to buy. The combination of Cyber Monday discounts and the GOOGLE discount code leads to some bona fide bargains. It’s not clear how long the discount will be around for, but I’d check out before the end of Cyber Monday to be on the safe side, if I were you.
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