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Sony’s PlayStation Classic is pretty appealing at this price

Sony’s retro cash in is approaching a price you can’t ignore

The Sony PlayStation Classic was a tough sell when it launched late last year. It felt like a bit of a cheap cash-in, with a strange selection of games, PAL performance woes and an optimistic £90 launch price. Unlike Nintendo’s retro console rereleases, this felt a little more cynical and a lot less appealing as a result.

Two things have changed since then that means it deserves a second look. The first is that it’s now very easy to make it the machine that Sony should have released in the first place if you don’t mind voiding the warranty. And to make that threat less daunting, it’s now going very cheap indeed.
Right now at ShopTo you can get the PlayStation Classic for £40 – a solid 56% saving on its recommended retail price. In essence, you’re getting 20 games (albeit old ones) for the price of a single full-price release today.
With that kind of saving, a product that felt like a bit of a Christmas cash-in now feels seriously worth considering. For that price you do get two pads and 20 games after all, and it’s not without it charms. As Nathan wrote in his review: “Its dinky design and excellent pair of bundled controllers might be worth the price of admission for some, but its games lineup, lack of expanding library options and performance woes hold it back from greatness.”
All of those problems have been tacked with various hacks online now, if you’re prepared to get your hands dirty. And if you are, this new low cost of entry may just make it the perfect project for this long Easter weekend, if you’d rather avoid the sunshine and bask in the warm glow of 90s classics instead.
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