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The Arlo Pro 2 security camera is going cheap on Boxing Day

Protect your home for less with this Arlo Pro 2 deal

If you’ve had a particularly present-packed Christmas, you may now be thinking that your house could do with a little more security. Amazon has your back, and has reduced the highly impressive Arlo Pro 2 security camera system.
These smart cameras not only give potential crooks a visible warning that they should give your house a miss, but can stream footage up to the cloud, giving you valuable evidence to send to the police should the worst happen.
But peace of mind comes at a price, and in the case of Arlo products, that price is high. The Arlo Pro 2 starts at just over £300 normally, and the four-camera pack will nearly set you back a grand. Not today though, thanks to Amazon.
It’s a ‘deal of the day’ jobby, so you’ll have to act quickly if you want to buy, but here are the current prices:
Arlo Pro 2 with one camera – £237.99 (was £314.93)
Arlo Pro 2 with two cameras – £399.99 (was £569.99)
Arlo Pro 2 with three cameras – £544.99 (was £733.28)
Arlo Pro 2 with four cameras – £648.99 (was £912.99)
Add-on camera – £179.99 (was £235.49)
Not impulse-purchase territory, I grant you, but the Arlo Pro 2 is a damned fine security system as I found when I reviewed it earlier this year. It streams crisp 1080p video straight to your phone, letting you know whenever there’s any motion. If you want, you can even make it trigger a fairly deafening 100db alarm.
It’s IP65-rated, meaning you can install it inside or outside the house, and the battery lasts for ages. When you do need to charge them, they pop off the magnetic holder very easily. You can record footage locally with a USB pen in the hub, but you can also store motion footage in the cloud – 1GB/7 days’ worth free of charge, but if that’s not enough you can pay a subscription, and it even supports constant video recording (CVR) – something its rivals lack.
In other words, it’s an expensive bit of kit, but that’s about the only complaint I had when I put it through its paces. At this new price it’s still undeniably pricey, but for all it does, it’s something of a bargain.
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