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Get the brand new Pixel 4a 5G for just £449 – a saving of £50 for Black Friday

As part of Amazon’s Black Friday deals, the price of the original Pixel 4a has been dropped to £319

Since the launch of the Pixel 5, we’ve been waiting to see if the original Pixel 4a would drop in price. Now, we’ve got our wish in the early Black Friday Amazon sale.

The 5.8in handset, which comes with a 12MP rear camera with Night Sight, Live HDR+ and Super Res Zoom, plus an all-day battery, launched in August. It is available black only, and comes with 128GB of storage. It usually costs £349.

As part of Amazon’s current Black Friday deals, this price has been dropped to £319. Seemingly to match the price the Pixel 4a is being sold for when bought directly from Google.

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As our Reviews Editor, Jon Bray explains: “If you’re after a compact phone that won’t make too much of a bulge in your pocket, then [the Pixel 4a] is definitely the phone for you.

“Although it isn’t as fast as the Apple iPhone SE (2020), it is a better all-rounder, with a bigger screen, superior portrait photography and far superior battery life.”

More recently, Google released a 5G iteration of the Pixel 4a – called the Pixel 4a 5G – and despite this phone launching on 19 November. It’s also incuded in the Amazon (and Google) Black Friday sale. 

The phone should cost £499 but you can currently get it for £449. A not-to-be-sniffed-at saving of £50. Little separates the two handsets other than the significant inclusion of 5G hardware, designed to give you faster data speeds (if you’re on a 5G contract that is…)

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