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Apple AirPods Pro with MagSafe Black Friday deal: Lowest price EVER

Get Apple’s excellent noise-cancelling AirPods Pro with a MagSafe charging case for their lowest price ever. Sound!

We didn’t hesitate to give Apple’s AirPods Pro a five-star review. But we couldn’t ignore the fact that 250 quid is a lot for a pair of earbuds (“Expensive” came top in the Cons column!). Well, good news: Amazon has slashed the price to £189 for Black Friday.

This Black Friday offer is for the AirPods Pro with an official MagSafe wireless charging case, similar to the MagSafe iPhone charger that costs nearly £30 on its own. So you not only get a pair of five-star earbuds, you get them with a case that doubles as a battery pack. Sounds like a very sweet deal.

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What makes AirPods Pro different from plain old AirPods? For the Pro version, Apple has added active noise cancellation (ANC), which monitors and filters out external noise.

They look different, too: the stems are shorter, and now contain capacitive force sensors which can be used to control playback. There’s also a new set of silicone tips that fit snugly into the ear canal. This helps them fit snugly for sports, and they’re sweat- and water-resistant to boot.

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Apple claims a battery life of five hours for the buds themselves (reduced to 4½ with ANC enabled) and a further 19 available from the pocket-sized MagSafe charging case. Pop your AirPods Pro into the case to keep them topped up with juice when you’re out and about.

But what about the really important bit: how do they sound? Our rave review said: “The AirPods Pro sound significantly better than the standard AirPods. Indeed, they stand up well against every other truly wireless bud I’ve tried. The bass feels solid but not overpowering, while mids and highs are clear and airy.”

Our reviewer concluded: “The AirPods Pro are a brilliant set of headphones. You can happily wear them all day, shutting out the roar of public transport when you want to, and switching to transparency mode when you need to engage with the outside world.” Read more in our AirPods Pro review.

So if you’ve been thinking about investing in AirPods Pro but couldn’t quite stretch to the price, this deal may be just what you’ve been keeping your ear to the ground for.

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