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Nokia T20 is 25% off – is it better than the Amazon Fire HD 10 deal this Cyber Monday?

Two very competitive cheap tablets are now even cheaper

While high-end tablets have seen pretty limited discounts this Cyber Monday, it’s party time if your budget is a bit tighter. After the mammoth £70 discount on the Amazon Fire HD 10, you can now get Nokia’s T20 10in tablet on the cheap as well.
Also available at Amazon, you can get the Wi-Fi Nokia T20 tablet for £135 or the 4G LTE model for £150. That’s a 25% discount on each, which normally retail for £179 and £199 respectively. 
The big question is whether it’s worth spending £55 more on the Nokia T20 over the Amazon Fire HD, and the answer is… well, it’s complicated.
We haven’t actually reviewed the Nokia T20 yet, but Senior Editor Nathan Spendelow has it in his “to review” pile. Early impressions are that it feels a lot nicer than the Amazon Fire tablets in the hand, and that the 2K display is rather better than you can expect for the modest price. It also uses a clean installation of Android 11, while the Fire HD 10 uses the heavily modified and somewhat finickety Fire OS. 
But there’s a “but”: according to one reviewer on Amazon, for nerdy reasons concerning a lack of widevine L1 DRM certification, the tablet refuses to run Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play Videos or other paid streaming content in HD. You’re stuck with SD, or 480p, which feels like a colossal waste of such a high-resolution screen. 
Maybe that will be resolved with a firmware update, but for now, if you want the tablet for streaming, it might not be ideal, and suddenly the Fire HD 10 looks like a better bet, even if Fire OS makes it more limited in other ways. 
With a £70 discount, it’s certainly competitively priced, even if it doesn’t feel as close to premium as the Nokia T20. And, for the avoidance of doubt, it is a very good tablet, even at full price. 
“No other low-cost tablet comes anywhere near it in terms of sheer value and, with a small uptick in both performance and stamina plus a reduction in slenderness and weight – and no price increase – the Amazon Fire HD 10 retains its status as our Best Buy 10in tablet,” wrote Nathan in our Fire HD 10 review. 
Suffice it to say, at £80, it’s now off the charts in terms of value.
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