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Nintendo begins Black Friday with an excellent 2DS XL deal

£129.99 with three games is hard to argue with

Update: The deal has now been matched by Argos, although the choice of games is taken away from you if you favour the high-street giant. Still, you do get two of the better games in the bundle: Mario & Luigi Paper Jam Bros and Monster Hunter 4. Animal Crossing Home Designer completes the list.

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While Switch deals have been hard to come by (£249.99 with no games is as good as we’ve done so far) Nintendo is pushing the 2DS hard in its own Black Friday sale. For £129.99, you can get a white or black 2DS XL console, complete with your choice of three games.
As we wrote in our review it’s a great machine, especially for younger gamers. Given £129.99 is the console’s RRP, that essentially means you’re getting three free games, and while you don’t get your choice of everything Nintendo has ever made, there’s still a decent selection available.

In Metacritic score from best to worst, you can have: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (86%), Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask (82%), Bravely Second: End Layer (81%), Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros (76%) Zelda Tri Force Heroes (73%), Code Name: Stream (69%),  Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer (66%), Chibi Robo Ziplash (59%), Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal (47%) Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley (46%), and Devilish Brain Training (unrated).
There’s more though. The first 1,000 console orders from the store will get a free Nintendo tote bag, and anyone spending £150 or more can add a free Nintendo wall calendar to their basket. Just enter the word “SPLATCALENDAR” at checkout for a Splatoon calendar, “SNESCALENDAR” for a SNES-themed one, “ZELDACALENDAR” for a Breath of the Wild one, or “MARIOCALENDAR” for a Super Mario-themed one.
Of course, the 2DS XL bundle still leaves you £20.01 short of the amount to trigger the free calendar, so I’d suggest throwing in Super Mario 3D Land (£15.99) and this NES controller keyring (£4.99) to push it over the edge…

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