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Titanfall getting in-game currency in next update


Respawn entertainment has promised that in-game purchases won't turn into real money microtransactions

Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment has revealed plans to introduce in-game currency to the futuristic FPS, letting players purchase booster packs of single use Burn Cards to give themselves a temporary edge in multiplayer matches.

The new Black Market in-game shop was revealed in a blog post by Respawn designer David Shaver, who explained that different packs of Burn Cards would be available depending on your preferred play style. Although each pack is random, players that prefer close quarters combat won’t find Burn Cards designed for snipers if they pick the right pack. You’ll also be able to use in-game currency to buy cosmetic insignias for your Titan.

Players must earn Credits to pay for these packs – there’s no way to top up your supply with actual cash, so you’ll have to play the game in order to start shopping. Winning a multiplayer match, completing daily challenges, and your first victory of the day all earn Credits, and once you reach the Rank 50 level cap a percentage of your earned XP will be converted into Credits. Unwanted burn cards can now be sold for Credits too.

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Shaver reassured gamers that the Black Market wouldn’t later become a way for publisher EA to slip real-money microtransactions into the game. “With the introduction of an in-game currency, some may worry that the next step is that we will let players spend real-world money to get an edge in the game,” he explained. “We have stated several times that Titanfall will not have micro-transactions. Fear not, for we plan to keep that promise – NO MICROTRANSACTIONS! The only way to get Credits is by playing the game!”

The developer doesn’t plan to stop there. According to Shaver, “We are looking into adding more item types for the Black Market in future updates, but can’t say exactly what they are at this time.”

The Black Market update should be rolling out to players on PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360 soon, although Respawn hasn’t yet set a firm release date.

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