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The 23andMe DNA test has £75 off in Black Friday deal

Three of the best DNA tests from 23andMe, MyHeritage and AncestryDNA are on offer this Black Friday

DNA tests are now affordable enough to take in the comfort of your own home – especially with these Black Friday deals at Amazon. Struggling to find a great Christmas present for the person who seemingly has everything? Why not treat them – or yourself – to the gift of learning all about your DNA.

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Ahead of this year’s Black Friday, three of the best DNA tests from 23andMe, MyHeritage and AncestryDNA are on offer via Amazon.

1. 23andMe: Get up to £75 off the price of the 23andMe DNA test

Offering similar geneology results as many DNA tests on the market, 23andMe’s major differentiator is its health screening tool. It claims to be able to reveal genetic information about your susceptibility to illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s as well as whether you’re at risk of certain cancers.

For some, this may be reassuring as knowledge is power, but for others, such results could be a little unsettling and they may prefer the ignorance is bliss proverb. If you fall into the latter camp, you can alternatively get just the single heritage test.

The dual test kit typically retails for £149 but is currently on offer for £74. The single heritage test usually costs £79 but is on sale for £63. For both offers, you’ll need to apply a voucher by clicking the tick box beneath the price on the Amazon listings. The discount should then be applied at the checkout. 

Read more about this service in our 23andMe DNA test review.

Save £75 on the 23andMe Health and Ancestry kit

2. AncestryDNA: Save £30 on the AncestryDNA genetic testing kit

Ancestry is the largest DNA-testing site by quite a distance, thanks to its database of six million samples, and one of its major USPs is the fact it can be linked to family trees on the main Ancestry site. This means your DNA could be used to find matches in other people’s trees and used to uncover unknown relatives.

The results will also reveal data on your geographical history, estimating where your relatives stem from all over the globe. You can read more about the specifics of the test in our AncestryDNA review.

The AncestryDNA genetic testing kit usually retails for £89 but is on sale for £59.

Save £30 on the AncestryDNA kit

3. MyHeritage: £20 off the price of the MyHeritage DNA Test

If all you’re after is a cheap, basic DNA test that tells you about your genetic lineage and where your family has migrated from over the years, we recommend the MyHeritage DNA test.

It has fewer samples – a little over a million – compared to its rivals but it does let you import and export your DNA information. This means you could upload your results from this test to other DNA sites without paying their respective fees.

Get £20 off the price of the MyHeritage DNA Test

If you’re interested in learning more about what DNA kits test for, or don’t know the difference between autosomal and mitrochondrial genes, we’ve outlined the basics at the bottom of our best DNA test round-up. 

It also outlines the general privacy policies of these companies and their kits.