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Get an even BIGGER SIM-only bargain from Voxi this Black Friday

Voxi has made its Black Friday deals even better, serving up five times the SIM-only data for the same price

Voxi is offering a remarkable SIM-only Black Friday deal: five times the usual data amount, giving customers 150GB for just £15/mth, compared to the regular 30GB. This rolling, one-month plan also includes unlimited usage of social media, video and music apps. If you’re only bothered about the social media scrolling, there’s also a 60GB plan for just £10/mth, up from its usual 15GB. Recognised for its excellent value, we gave it a five-star rating and a Best Buy award in our latest Voxi review.

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Voxi distinguishes itself with affordable plans that don’t require long-term commitments, making it a flexible choice for users. While not the cheapest or fastest network, Voxi’s generous data deals and unlimited streaming features provide substantial value.

Voxi’s plans are particularly enticing because of the free data they offer for social media, music and video streaming, ensuring users don’t have to splurge on unlimited plans to meet their entertainment needs​​.

Customer service at Voxi is commendable, with over 62% of users reporting satisfaction. This rating places Voxi above many established networks, contributing to its customer satisfaction scores​​.

As a virtual network backed by Vodafone, Voxi offers reliable coverage and speed. With median download speeds of 29.4Mbits/sec, it stands as the third-fastest of the UK’s four major networks. The rollout of Vodafone’s 5G services is set to further boost these speeds, enhancing the network’s performance across the UK​​.

However, it’s important to note that Voxi’s provisions for roaming are a bit limited. While there’s no free roaming included, customers can purchase a European Roaming Pass at various rates for EU travel. This pass covers unlimited texts and minutes, plus either the included data or a maximum of 20GB​​.

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Voxi’s Black Friday deal on the 150GB SIM-only plan is ideal choice for those seeking a sizable data allowance coupled with the freedom of a no-contract, rolling plan and the added benefit of unlimited usage on popular apps​​.