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Amazon Fire tablet prices dropped in Black Friday sale

Now is the perfect time to score yourself a bargain on a budget Amazon tablet

With the predictability of the changing tides, Amazon is cutting prices across the Fire tablets range in time for this year’s Black Friday extravaganza. From 2017’s Fire HD 8 to this year’s new 7in model, you can nab yourself a cracking bargain on an Amazon-branded tablet.

Rather than waffle on, here’s a brief overview of each deal:

As you can see, these are pretty hefty discounts. They form just a small part of Amazon’s overall Black Friday sales event, though: there are also offers on Fire TV Sticks, Kindles and Echo smart speakers.

The three Kids Edition tablets are very similar products, with the same child-friendly interface, carry case and content restrictions. They only noticeably differ in screen size: 7in, 8in and 10in, depending on the number tagged onto the end of the product name.

The full-blooded Fire tablets, meanwhile, run Amazon’s own operating system, with middling specifications that make all three devices suitable for a bit of light Prime Video binging or web browsing. These tablets are built with durability and simplicity in mind; the camera is bad, the user interface is a little sluggish and the rear is made from a rubberised plastic. 

Having said all that, we love them: we gave the Fire 7 four stars and a Recommended award, and both the Fire HD 8 and HD 10 five stars and a coveted Best Buy award. The reason? All three tablets offer unbeatable value for money. They’re collectively the cheapest and simplest way to get online, which makes them ideal for people of all experience levels. 

They also offer access to Amazon’s enormous ecosystem of entertainment and shopping. Amazon Prime members can access Prime Video, Prime Music and the Amazon Prime storefront via preinstalled apps, and you can even access your Kindle and Audible libraries. 

It’s hardly a surprising turn of events, but we can’t stress enough how tasty these deals are. If you’re keen on grabbing a new Fire tablet, get a move on: these deals won’t last much longer.

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