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Black Friday deal: Get 10% off any Apple iMac or MacBook

Still expensive, but now 10% cheaper

Apple products are very rarely discounted as everybody knows, so deals are worth snapping up in the fleeting moments for which they’re available. Usually Apple deals are related to one product, which is what makes this offer so tempting: you can get 10% off literally any Mac or MacBook.

This offer is valid at KRCS, an Apple reseller, and it’s available both online and instore. The cheapest product you can get is the new Mac mini – down from £799 to £719.10. The 2019 MacBook Air now starts at £989.10, rather than its usual £1,099 price.

But because this is a percentage, an £80 to £110 saving is relatively small potatoes. The biggest savings come on Apple’s heavy-duty hardware where a 10% discount knocks of hundreds of pounds in one fell swoop.

The brand-new 16in MacBook Pro, for example, now starts at £2,159.10 rather than its usual £2,399. And because KRCS is an Apple reseller, you can get built-to-order specs, too – meaning the fully tripped out model – octa-core i9 processor, 64GB RAM, 8TB storage – will cost you £5,192.10 rather than Apple’s price of £5,769 (although you do need to give them 2-3 weeks to build it.)    
The iMac is also an option for desk-bound workers, starting at £944.10 for the entry-level 21.5in model or £1,574.10 for the cheapest 5K 27in version. Just like with the Apple Store, you can customise these as much as you want. If you feel like maxing it out, you can add in an octa-core i9 processor, 64GB RAM and a 2TB SSD for £4,232.70 – which sounds a silly amount of cash, but is still a lot cheaper less than the £4,703 Apple is currently asking for. 
The 27in 5K iMac Pro is also part of the offer, starting at £4,409.10 rather than its usual £4,899. If you really feel like getting the biggest saving possible, then the 18-core Xeon, 128GB RAM, 4TB storage beast will cost £9,524.70 rather than the usual £10,583
Have a browse and see what you can come up with. You’re unlikely to find better Apple discounts this Black Friday, if past form is anything to go by.

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