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Black Friday and Cyber Monday PS5 deals – LIVE

Black Friday - PlayStation 5 Deals - LIVE - Lead

Stay on top of the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday PS5 deals with our up-to-the-minute live blog coverage

Black Friday has come and gone, which means it’s time to get hunting for Cyber Monday PS5 deals. We’ve had a good run this year, which makes a pleasant change: Since the PS5 launched, Black Friday has always been a disappointing time for prospective buyers, as the stock shortages have consistently left us without a single good PS5 deal in sight.

This year, things have been different. The PS5 is back in stock, and the discounts have been flying, with savings of up to £100 on the standard PlayStation 5 console and bundle deals featuring great free games galore. Of course, what this means is that folks have flocked to the deals, and stock has been utterly obliterated at most major retailers.

We’re here to bring you the absolute latest – or only remaining – PS5 deals in this Black Friday and Cyber Monday live blog. We’ll be keeping it updated throughout Cyber Monday, so if you want PS5 deals, keep this page bookmarked and check in often – you never know, we might strike it lucky with something new.

The best Cyber Monday PS5 deals – LIVE

14:42 | 27 Nov

Where to buy the PS5 disc edition for £390, part two

Still no exciting new PS5 deals, I’m afraid, so instead I’ll simply point out that Currys also seemingly still has the PS5 for £390 and in stock. Not for delivery, mind you, but you may still be able to click and collect.

View deal at Currys

09:28 | 27 Nov

Where to buy the PS5 disc edition for £390

Cyber Monday hasn’t brought us any fresh PS5 deals just yet, so I’m going to remind you where you can still get the PS5 disc edition for that discounted price of £390 (RRP £480). First up – Game! One of only two retailers still stocking the PS5 disc edition at a discount.

View deal at Game

09:04 | 27 Nov

Welcome to our Cyber Monday live blog

Let’s give this one last go, shall we? I’m back and ready to be surprised by a miracle PS5 deal that saves Cyber Monday. While we wait for said deal, why not have a look at some of these tasty offers on PS5 games?

  • EA Sports FC 24: was £70, now £42 | View deal
  • God of War Ragnarok: was £60, now £37 | View deal
  • Star Wars Jedi Survivor: was £70, now £30 | View deal
  • Elden Ring: was £50, now £40 | View deal
  • Mortal Kombat 1: was £65, now £30 | View deal

10:45 | 25 Nov

The best and only Black Friday PS5 deal left

My job today is simple, because there’s only one place that still has the PS5 disc edition in stock and on offer in the UK – Game. This really is your one and only chance to grab the PS5 for a £90 discount (was £480, now £390), so don’t wait any longer!

View deal at Game

10:37 | 25 Nov

Once more unto the breach!

It’s Saturday, and I’m somehow back at my desk again, keeping a desperate eye out for more Black Friday PS5 deals. This time, though, I’m going to break from tradition, and suggest you take a look at these discounts on some top PS5 games while I get comfortable:

  • EA Sports FC 24: was £70, now £42 | View deal
  • God of War Ragnarok: was £60, now £37 | View deal
  • Star Wars Jedi Survivor: was £70, now £30 | View deal
  • Elden Ring: was £50, now £40 | View deal
  • Mortal Kombat 1: was £65, now £30 | View deal

16:23 | 24 Nov

Recap: Black Friday PS5 deals from the big day itself

It’s been a challenging day for PS5 deals, but here’s what we’ve seen:

Check back tomorrow for MORE PS5 live-blogging fun – that is, my desperate efforts to find a single in-stock deal – over the Black Friday weekend!

15:25 | 24 Nov

Reminder: Game has the PS5 disc edition in stock and on offer

black friday PS5 deals - VeryIt’s pretty much the last PS5 deal standing this Black Friday – grab the disc edition console from Game for £390, down from £480. I’m not kidding – this may be your last chance to buy this Black Friday!

View deal at Game

14:52 | 24 Nov

The best Black Friday PS5 game deals

PS5 stock might be wearing thin, but you know what isn’t? Games. I’ve been keeping an eye on the best discounts on PS5 games, and I’ll leave them all right here for ya:

  • EA Sports FC 24: was £70, now £42 | View deal
  • God of War Ragnarok: was £60, now £37 | View deal
  • Star Wars Jedi Survivor: was £70, now £30 | View deal
  • Elden Ring: was £50, now £40 | View deal
  • Mortal Kombat 1: was £65, now £30 | View deal

12:19 | 24 Nov

Amazon MIGHT have the PS5 for £390

If you’re incredibly quick, you might be able to grab the PS5 at Amazon for £390 – the current lowest price available on the console. That is a very big IF!

View deal at Amazon

10:48 | 24 Nov

Get a PS5 for £200 with these Sony TVs

As the other deals come crashing down around us, this bundle from Currys remains standing: get a Sony TV (like the A84L) for £1,399 and you can pick up a PS5 for under £200. A great way to complete your gaming setup in one fell swoop.

View deal at Currys

09:39 | 24 Nov

I take it back – Game has what you need

QUICK! Game still has the PS5 for £390, in stock and ready for you to grab right this very second. Go go go!

View deal at Game

08:48 | 24 Nov

This might be the last PS5 disc edition deal standing

If you’re quick (and lucky), you can pick up the PS5 from Currys for £389, a £91 saving versus its £480 RRP. It’s no longer available for delivery, but you might have some luck with click and collect!

View deal at Currys

07:45 | 24 Nov

It’s Black Friday!

The big day has arrived! I’m here once more to bring you the absolute best PS5 Black Friday deals of the past month. Before I begin, why not take a look at some of our other live blogs? They’ve all got their on the pulse of the latest deals from categories across our site.

18:04 | 23 Nov

Recap: The remaining PS5 stock

It’s about time for me to be calling it a day, but I’m going to leave you with the best present a person can give: A list of all the places that still have PS5 stock. We’ve got a decent range of choices here, so if you’re still looking to nab a PS5, these options should cover you.

The standard PS5 is currently cheapest at AO for £380

Or you can get it bundled with Hogwarts Legacy for £419

EE has PS5 with Spider-Man 2 bundles, either for a one-off payment of £410

OR on contract for £20 upfront and £35/mth for 11 months, total of £405

Finally, if you’re feeling flash, you can get the standard PS5 disc edition bundled with a £1,399 TV at Currys for £1,588

That’s all the stock we’ve got eyes on tonight, but I’ll be back fresh in the morning to see what new bargains Black Friday can dish out. See you then!

17:05 | 23 Nov

Stock at AO – Let’s GO

With stock dropping like flies, this looks to be the best deal going on a console-only PS5 right now. Down from £479 to £380, this is only £1 more than the best we’ve seen this Black Friday. If you can stomach that extra quid, get in quick – I doubt the stock will last.

View deal at AO

15:29 | 23 Nov

Reminder: Get a Spider-Man 2 PS5 bundle at EE

black friday ps5 deals - Spider-Man 2 Pulse 3D bundleIf you’re an EE customer, you can grab the PS5 disc edition with Spider-Man 2 for £410, or £405 on contract (£20 upfront and £35/mth for 11 months). As PS5 bundles go, that’s one of the better ones still available!

View deal at EE

14:09 | 23 Nov

Looking for a Black Friday Hogwarts Legacy PS5 bundle? is offering the PS5 disc edition with Hogwarts Legacy for £419, down from £520. That’s £60 less than the RRP of a PS5 and £30 more than the absolute cheapest PS5 deals – there have been cheaper bundles, sure, but stock is running dangerously low, so you’ll have to make a few compromises to catch a good discount (which this certainly is).

View deal at

12:00 | 23 Nov

Side note: The PS5 Slim is available to preorder today

I know, this isn’t a Black Friday deal, but I thought it was worth sharing: the long-awaited PS5 Slim is available to preorder right now for £390 (a tenner more than the best discount on the PS5 disc edition so far). Might be worth securing yours from Amazon, but obviously the standard PS5 is the same price right now, so I’ll leave it up to you!

Secure yours at Amazon

10:56 | 23 Nov

Get a GORGEOUS PS5 disc edition + TV bundle

Currys has a pretty sweet bundle available right now – pick up the PS5 disc edition with a Sony Bravia XR-55A84LU for £1,588. It’s £1,399 for the TV on its own, so you’re getting a PS5 for under £200 – even I’m tempted, and I own a TV and a PS5 already!

View deal at Currys

10:15 | 23 Nov

Low/no stock: Argos’ PS5 bundles

This might well be your last chance to pick up a PS5 disc edition + one free game at Argos for £390. Stock has completely dried up for me, but other people on the team are still seeing availability, so give it a whirl!

View deal at Argos

09:28 | 23 Nov

It’s back!

Great news: the Ebuyer deal I spotted yesterday – which was on par with the best console-only PS5 deal of Black Friday – is back in stock. Grab the PS5 for £379 while you can!

View deal at Ebuyer

08:46 | 23 Nov

How about a DualSense deal?

black friday PS5 deals - dualsenseI was stunned to discover that Amazon is offering the DualSense (in all its many colours) for £39, down from an average of £57 and an RRP of £65 – that’s its lowest-ever price at the retailer. If you’ve already got a PS5, or there’s one calling your name, why not throw a second controller into the mix? Can you tell I’m running out of PS5 deals?

View deal at Amazon

08:26 | 23 Nov

Low/no stock: The best Black Friday PS5 deal

Spare a thought for my favourite PS5 console-only deal of Black Friday – the PS5 was £379 at both Very and Ebuyer, down from £480. Alas, it’s out of stock at both retailers.

So what’s the next best? That honour falls to John Lewis, which has the PS5 for £390. That’s only a tenner more, and given the lack of alternatives, I’d strongly suggest getting in there early!

View deal at John Lewis

08:13 | 23 Nov

Under 24 hours to go!

Hello again! In a moment, I’ll be rounding up all of the best PS5 deals of the Black Friday period so far, including those that have – sadly – gone out of stock. In the meantime, feel free to check out some of our other excellent live blogs. Here’s a full list:

15:34 | 22 Nov

Reminder: John Lewis is running the same great PS5 deal

As well as, John Lewis is also offering the PS5 for £390, down from £480. I’m posting this here because as I’ve already mentioned, stock is beginning to get dangerously low at other retailers, so it’s worth keeping an eye on this one.

View deal at John Lewis

15:00 | 22 Nov

Reminder: has a SWEET PS5 deal

Stock is beginning to wear thin elsewhere, so I’m going to leave this here: has the PS5 for £390, a saving of £90 versus RRP and only £10 more than the excellent Very/Ebuyer deal. Check it out if things are looking grim at other retailers.

View deal at

12:21 | 22 Nov

Time’s running out on the best PS5 bundle deal

black friday PS5 deals - Very

The PS5 + one free game bundle at Argos (for £390) is nearly gone – it appears to be out of stock for delivery, although you can still pick it up via click and collect. This is your last chance to buy a good PS5 bundle – the others have practically all dried up!

View deal at Argos

11:57 | 22 Nov

Get this EA FC 24 PlayStation 5 bundle while you still can

Grab the PS5 + EA Sports FC 24 for £400 at Amazon right now – not the best bundle price we’ve seen, but other retailers no longer stock this particular combo. There’s only one left at the time of writing, so don’t delay!

View deal at Amazon

11:02 | 22 Nov

A new PS5 deal emerges…

black friday PS5 deals - John LewisVery’s excellent Black Friday PS5 deal might have gone, but this one’s still kicking at Ebuyer – and it’s exactly the same discount. Grab the PS5 for £379 and save yourself £480. Disaster averted!

View deal at Ebuyer

10:56 | 22 Nov

UPDATE: Another one bites the dust!

That ridiculous eBay deal is no more. ShopTo’s eBay storefront has bumped the price of the PS5 from £360 up to £421, officially making this a BAD deal. What a terrible day this has been!

Check stock at eBay

10:52 | 22 Nov

UPDATE: The Very PS5 Black Friday deal has GONE

I can’t believe it: my favourite PS5 deal of Black Friday has finally bitten the dust, mere moments after I posted about it. This is a sad, sad day for Black Friday enthusiasts everywhere.

Check stock at Very

10:40 | 22 Nov

Reminder: Get the best Black Friday PS5 deal right here

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – if it’s simplicity you want, grab this £101 discount at Very right now (was £480, now £379) and be done with the Black Friday madness once and for all!

View deal at Very

08:46 | 22 Nov

A PS5 bundle deal for EE customers

Blimey, I’ve found a new one: if you’re an EE customer, you can pick up the PS5 plus Spider-Man 2 for £410, or on contract for £405 (£20 upfront and £35/mth for 11 months). There’s a lot to be said for being able to spread the cost, and while this isn’t the cheapest bundle around, it’s still £70/£75 less than the RRP of the PS5!

View deal at EE

08:38 | 22 Nov

Reminder: This is the best PS5 Black Friday bundle

black friday PS5 deals - VeryI’ll start with an instant classic: get the standard PS5 and one free game (from a selection that includes The Last of Us 2 and Dead Space) for £390, saving you £90 on the console. Other bundles have come and gone, but this one is still standing, which makes it my de facto favourite!

View deal at Argos

08:29 | 22 Nov

Welcome back (again)!

Here’s the drill: I take a moment to check for new and existing Black Friday PS5 deals, while you take a peek at our other live blogs for even more tasty deals. This is the full menu:

16:08 | 21 Nov

Recap: Today’s best PlayStation 5 Black Friday deals

Here are the highlights from today’s hunt for PS5 deals. Remember, the standard PS5 costs £480 normally:

  • The standard PS5 is still cheapest at eBay for £360
  • If eBay doesn’t appeal, you can pick it up at Very for £379
  • Argos still has some great PS5 + free game bundles for £390
  • If you need an alternative retailer for the PS5, try John Lewis (£390) or (£390)
  • Currys is the best place to buy a PS5 and get a second DualSense controller for £429
  • The Digital Edition PS5 may never drop in price :(

I’ll be back tomorrow with more sensational PS5 deals, so check back soon!

14:31 | 21 Nov

This is STILL the Very best PlayStation 5 Black Friday deal

It’s fortuitous that Very is offering the best PS5 deal of Black Friday so far, because it makes creating bad puns incredibly easy. It’s a good deal, too – get £101 off the standard PS5 (RRP £480, now £379). But it’s mostly about the puns.

View deal at Very

14:09 | 21 Nov

Looking for a Digital Edition?

black friday PS5 deals - digital editionI’ve not seen anything better than Argos’ PS5 Digital Edition bundle deal. Pick the console (without a disc drive) up for £390 and get a free vertical stand worth £15 – I was hoping for a slightly lower price on the console, but £15 off and a nice third-party stand is not to be sniffed at!

View deal at Argos

13:15 | 21 Nov

Don’t forget this deal!

It’s not quite as good as the £101 saving Very is offering, but has the standard PS5 for £390, which is still a full £90 off the RRP of the console. With stock likely to run out as Black Friday approaches, you should definitely keep an eye on this one!

View deal at

11:18 | 21 Nov

Update: The Currys promo code has expired

Alas, the £30 Currys discount code below that I got all excited about has expired. It’s still cheaper by £10 to buy the Currys PS5 + extra DualSense bundle than to buy each item separately, but this isn’t quite the stonking deal it once was.

View deal at Currys

10:45 | 21 Nov

Low/no stock: Game’s excellent PS5 bundles

Another one bites the dust: The bundle deal I spotted yesterday at Game – which included the console, three games and the Barbie movie for £440 – is now officially out of stock. In fact, all of Games’ bundles are out of stock, but you can still get the console on its own for £390, which is a very decent saving. If you can be bothered to sign up to Frasers Plus, you can even knock £40 off that price, bringing the total to just £350!

View deal at Game

10:35 | 21 Nov

PSA: Smyths PS5 deals

black friday PS5 deals - VeryIf you were hoping for a nice PS5 deal at Smyths Toys (as it seems many people were), I’m afraid you’re out of luck – the retailer is flat out of PS5 consoles, or at least ones with hefty discounts applied. Luckily, you can pick up the PS5 at Very for the same price as it was – fleetingly – at Smyths. That’s £379, a full £101 cheaper than RRP!

If anything changes at Smyths, I’ll update you right here.

View deal at Very

10:11 | 21 Nov

Still in stock: Argos’ PS5 bundle deals

This remains one of my favourite PS5 bundle deals: grab the console and one game for £390 (saving you £90 + the cost of the game). Choose from Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, The Last of Us 2, Dead Space and more.

View deal at Argos

09:13 | 21 Nov

Reminder: Here’s where to get the PS5 for its lowest Black Friday price

Grab the PS5 at eBay via ShopTo for just £360, almost £20 less than the best price I’ve seen at retailers so far this Black Friday. Some 600 have sold already at the time of writing, so act fast!

View deal at eBay

09:10 | 21 Nov

Get a second controller with this PS5 promo code

Kicking things off is this unusual offer from Currys: you can grab a standard PS5 and get a second DualSense controller for £429 (about £10 cheaper than buying both separately). But that’s not the best bit – the best bit is that you can use the code 673091429338465 at checkout to take £30 off your order, taking the price down to £399. That’s not much more than buying a PS5 by itself this Black Friday!

View deal at Currys

08:57 | 21 Nov

And we’re back!

Hello again! I’ve got plenty of amazing PS5 deals to share today, but before I get started, why not have a browse of some of our other excellent articles? Today’s main Black Friday live blog is up and running, and we’ve also got Black Friday laptop deals coming out of our ears. Our Black Friday Nintendo Switch live blog is packed full of top-notch deals too.

16:29 | 20 Nov

Recap: Every Black Friday PS5 deal worth your time (so far)

Let’s review what we’ve learned today:

  • The standard PS5 was cheapest at Very (£379) but you can grab it off eBay for £360 if you’re quick
  • Argos is running some excellent bundles – grab the console, plus one free game from a solid selection, for £390
  • John Lewis and both have the PS5 for £390, which is the next-best price around – Check stock here: John Lewis |
  • Game is running a HUGE PS5 bundle with three free games and a Blu-ray copy of the Barbie movie for £440
  • Amazon… has come up woefully short this Black Friday

Check back again soon for more of the best Black Friday PS5 deals!

15:45 | 20 Nov

Reminder: This is the cheapest Black Friday PS5 deal so far

There’s still time for you to pick up the standard PS5 at eBay for £360. Don’t worry, it’s from a reputable seller, and it’s a brand-new console, too – but you’ll need to act fast, because I’ve seen eBay deals like this one sell out even faster than usual.

View deal at eBay

14:50 | 20 Nov

Heads up: has that hefty Black Friday PS5 discount too

I’ve noticed that is running the same £90 discount on the PS5 as the likes of John Lewis and Argos. Sure, it’s not the £101 saving Very is offering, but it’s a cracking deal all the same, and one to try if stock is getting low elsewhere!

View deal at

13:55 | 20 Nov

… Hello, MEGA Black Friday PS5 bundle!

black friday PS5 deals - FC 24 bundleWould you look at that – a HUGE PS5 bundle from Game to fill the gap where the Final Fantasy bundle once stood. Pick up the standard PS5 plus EA Sports FC 24, Hogwarts Legacy (which I loved), Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga (which I also loved) and the Barbie Movie (you guessed it), all for £440. That’s three games and a smash-hit movie for £40 LESS than the RRP of a standard PS5 by itself. Pretty good!

View deal at Game

13:50 | 20 Nov

Goodbye, Final Fantasy PS5 bundle…

Unfortunately, the PS5 + Final Fantasy XVI bundle (£390) we spotted at Game has dried up. If only there were another similarly good PS5 bundle at Game to take its place…

13:04 | 20 Nov

Quick! The PS5 just got EVEN cheaper

If you’re speedy, you can pick up a new PS5 on eBay for just £360 – that’s the cheapest I’ve seen the PS5 so far. Seriously, don’t wait!

View deal at eBay

12:56 | 20 Nov

A sensational Argos PS5 bundle deal

Next up is my favourite PS5 bundle deal of the Black Friday period so far: Grab the console plus a free game for £390, saving you £90 on the console (and bagging you the game for free). Choose from The Last of Us 2, Dead Space, Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga and more!

View deal at Argos

12:52 | 20 Nov

The best PS5 console-only deal so far

Very still has the absolute best standard PS5 deal I’ve seen so far this Black Friday: Grab the console on its own for £379, down from an RRP of £480. A hefty £101 discount is NOT to be sniffed at!

View deal at Very

12:40 | 20 Nov

Welcome to our NEW Black Friday PS5 deals live blog!

In a moment, I’ll do a recap of all the excellent PS5 deals I’ve spotted so far this Black Friday. In the meantime, feel free to check out our other pages – we’ve got our central Black Friday deals hub, plus Black Friday TV deals, Black Friday Xbox deals, Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals, Black Friday iPhone deals and much, much more!

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