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You’ll soon be able to play games on Apple TV using your Xbox One and PS4 controllers

Apple announced the update as part of a raft of new tvOS features at WWDC 2019

Apple kicked off its WWDC 2019 keynote with a few updates to tvOS – the operating system that runs Apple TV – ahead of the launch of Apple TV Plus later this year.
But the biggest applause of the section wasn’t for television: it was for gaming. Explaining that great games need great controls, CEO Tim Cook said that soon Apple TV will support two of the best gamepads around. No, not the Dreamcast pad – instead, Apple TV will be offering support for Microsoft’s Xbox One pad and Sony’s PS4 Dualshock controller.

 “I guess there’s a few PlayStation fans out there,” said Cook, responding to the slightly louder cheers for the PS4 pad. While this will be helpful for the various games Apple TV already has, it’ll be a real boon when Apple Arcade launches later this year.
Another neat new feature of tvOS: Apple Music will now show lyrics of the songs you play, so you can keep up with what’s being sung. Not quite a home karaoke machine, but not far off.
Then there are the improvements for actual TV features. Multi-user households are supported with “up next” queues personalised to the user who is logged in. The home screen will get full-motion previews of the shows, letting you just jump straight in.  
Apple also gave us a sneak preview of its first original series. It’s about the space race to the moon, only with an alternative history twist. Cook says he’s seen it all and is apparently a fan – although I guess it would be more surprising if he told the world he hated it. You can see the trailer below.
Finally, there’s a new screensaver. It has fish – fish in 4K with HDR. Because who hasn’t always secretly wanted an aquarium in their living room?

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