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Asus VivoWatch fitness tracker has whopping 10-day battery life

Asus VivoWatch front

Asus has announced the VivoWatch, a £120 fitness tracker with immense battery life

Asus has just thrown its first fitness tracking wearable into the ring in the form of the VivoWatch. Asus claims the VivoWatch will have impressive stamina, thanks to its 10-day battery life meaning it’s a watch that is designed to be worn all day, every day. This is a figure that eclipses most smartwatches and even dedicated fitness trackers, so if the battery life claims are realistic this is a great achievement.

When you consider some of the functionality that is built into the VivoWatch its endurance becomes more impressive. The VivoWatch has an integrated optical sensor that continuously tracks the wearer’s heartrate, not dissimilar to the Apple Watch. Asus has designed the VivoWatch’s face to be easily read during an intense workout, working in conjunction with the heart rate monitor so you can identify the effectiveness of your workout. An integrated LED will glow green when your heart rate is at the optimum level for your workout, or red as a warning to say you’re training too intensely. There’s also a 3-axis accelerometer for tracking movement.

Other useful features include sleep tracking to help wearers get an idea if they’re getting a good enough night’s sleep, providing readings of levels of motion, duration and total sleep time. Details of sleep and activity levels are combined to provide wearer’s a score based on the Happiness Index, which is designed to help you live a more healthy lifestyle. 

Asus VivoWatch cradle

We’re glad to see the VivoWatch is IP67 rated, which means its safe to depths of 1m for up to 30m. Needless to say you’ll be safe to shower with the watch still on. The VivoWatch pairs over Bluetooth with iOS and Android smartphones running the HiVivo app and charges through a cradle, which takes up to 2 hours. Its screen is made from Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and has a resolution of 128×128. 

The VivoWatch launches in May and will retail for £120. We’ll be sure to provide a review as soon as we can.

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