Save £30 on the excellent Sonos One — or even more on a pair

Alan Martin
26 Nov 2021

Can’t decide between Alexa and Google Assistant? This Sonos One deal offers the best of both worlds.

When you’re deciding what smart speaker to buy, you typically have to decide between Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. But Sonos’ smart speakers support both, making it a great starting point for your smart home, or a solid addition to your current setup.
And right now, the second-generation Sonos One smartspeaker is going cheap at BT Shop. You can pay £169 for one or, if you scroll down to the bundle deals you can get two for £313, making them just £156.50 each. That’s a solid saving on the £199 RRP, with both black and white units in stock.
That’s a good deal for what is an excellent smart speaker. We’ve only reviewed the first generation, but the second-gen version appears to be improved in a modest but welcome way with faster processing and the introduction of Bluetooth Low Energy.
The first-gen version was enough to attract a four-star review from us when we tested it. “If you’re sold on the idea of a smart speaker, but you’re a bit of a stickler for superb-sounding audio, the Sonos One fits the bill nicely,” wrote Senior Editor Sasha Muller in his review. “It looks great, sounds stupendous, and you can easily add a second speaker for stereo sound, or use it to form part of a slick multi-room system.”
But, as Sasha pointed out, the real icing on the cake is the ability to pick and choose between virtual assistants. Try both and see which you prefer, but whether you’re asking Alexa/Google Assistant to play music, what’s in the news, or if you’ll need a coat, a virtual assistant is a fabulous addition to your home.
At £313 for two, this is a great way of taking your first steps towards a fully fledged smart home. 
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