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Bag a GENEROUS £50 reward card with BT’s Full Fibre packages ahead of Christmas

BT is offering incredible perks with its Full Fibre packages this Christmas

This Christmas, BT is offering a special deal that’s sure to catch the eye of anyone looking to upgrade their home internet. With the purchase of one of BT’s Full Fibre packages, you’ll receive a free £50 reward card. This is an enticing offer, especially considering the high-speed internet options that BT’s Full Fibre packages provide.

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BT’s Full Fibre packages deliver reliable and fast internet speeds, catering to a range of digital needs, from streaming to online gaming. And, despite receiving three out of five stars in our BT Broadband review, primarily due to average customer service and pricing concerns, BT’s broadband speeds have been well-received by customers. The range of full fibre options available means there’s likely a package that fits your specific internet needs.

The free £50 reward card adds extra value to the deal, making it a more attractive option for those considering a broadband upgrade this festive season. While BT’s pricing might not always be the most competitive, and its customer service has room for improvement, the quality of internet service offered is a significant factor to consider. This offer could be a smart choice for those prioritising internet speed and reliability in their homes.

Remember, this deal is not just about the immediate savings; it’s also an investment in a quality internet service that can improve your online experience. Whether you’re working from home, streaming your favourite shows, or gaming online, a dependable and speedy internet connection is crucial.

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So, if you’re in the market for a new broadband service this Christmas, BT’s offer of a free £50 reward card with its Full Fibre packages is worth considering. It’s an opportunity to upgrade to a faster and more reliable internet service while enjoying a little extra reward for your decision. However, it’s always wise to consider all aspects, including service quality and customer support, before making your choice.

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