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This Sage coffee machine PLUNGES in price for Black Friday

Sage Barista Express Black Friday deal

The award-winning Sage Barista Express is temporarily far cheaper ahead as part of the Cyber Monday sale

Amazon is serving up a superb Black Friday deal on the Sage Barista Express coffee machine, which is now available for just £472, down from an average price of £567. This outstanding offer is the perfect opportunity for coffee enthusiasts to own a high-quality, bean-to-cup machine for far less and, even better, it was the worthy recipient of four stars out of five and an Expert Reviews Recommended award in our original Sage the Barista Express review.

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The Barista Express is a manual machine that stands out with its built-in grinder, offering the precision and control of a manual machine along with the neatness and ease of a bean-to-cup model. Despite being more affordable than some higher-end models, it retains the same high build quality with a durable and elegant stainless steel finish. This combination of functionality and aesthetics ensures that users feel they’re getting their money’s worth​​.

Setting up the Barista Express is a piece of cake, requiring only the fitting of the water filter into the large, two-litre reservoir and filling it with water. The machine is designed for ease of use, with no complicated settings for water hardness, making it accessible even for those new to brewing coffee at home​​.

The coffee grinder’s hopper accommodates a standard 250g bag of beans. The machine comes with single and two-cup filters, a tamper and a tool for levelling off the coffee in the filter, adding to the professional coffee-making experience​​. Users can manually adjust the amount of coffee ground and the size of the grind to suit different beans, offering versatility in brewing various types of coffee​​.

Experimentation is key with the Barista Express because the grind size significantly impacts the taste. The machine also features a cup warmer and a dedicated tap for dispensing hot water, while users have complete control over each shot, allowing for customisation of drinks​​.

For milk-based drinks, the Barista Express includes a milk jug and steamer wand. Although it takes some time for the machine to heat up for steaming, the results are worth the wait, offering barista-quality milk frothing for cappuccinos and lattes​​.

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The Sage Barista Express, now offered at a reduced price of £499 ahead of Black Friday, balances affordability with the quality of a premium coffee machine. Its high build quality, manual control and versatility in coffee preparation make it a valuable addition to any coffee lover’s kitchen, but get in there as soon as possible because this dazzling deal won’t last for long.