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Want PSVR on the cheap? This deal might be for you

Experiencing the magic of VR has never been cheap, but this PSVR bundle makes it palatable

This week, Sony announced that it has sold 4.2 million PSVR headsets, and published a full schedule of games coming out over the next three months. If you haven’t bought yet, but have been on the fence, then this might be the time to help the company push towards five million sales.
Right now at, you can buy the PlayStation VR headset (version 2) with the required camera and a downloadable copy of the VR Worlds mini game compilation for £169. Remember when it launched that PSVR would set you back £349 on its own.
That’s enough to get you up and away, and the PSVR platform has matured nicely over the last few years. I’ve recently been playing it quite a lot to update our best games guide, and it’s certainly a lot more fully featured than it was the last time I donned the futuristic looking headset. From the trippy brilliance of Tetris Effect to the breakneck racing fun of WipEout Omega and the platforming loveliness of Astro Bot, it really is a gaming experience like no other.
Yes, it doesn’t offer room scale like the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift. But crucially it doesn’t need a £700+ PC on top of its £300+ headset cost. All you need for PSVR to work is a PlayStation 4 – Slim, classic or Pro, and you’re away. A pair of Move controllers is recommended, but not essential.
As we wrote in our original review: “the PSVR is a fantastic VR headset that has a great lineup of games and is excellent value for money.”  That was true when the games library was comparatively tiny and the price was more than double what it is now, too.
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