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This eight-game PSVR deal is an absolute steal

... and they’re pretty damned good games, too

Sony may be a no-show at this week’s E3 festivities, but it’s making its presence felt in other ways. Most excitingly for those with an eye for a bargain through its ‘Days of Play’ promotion, where various digital titles are available on the cheap.

But hardware is also going cheap, less officially. The best of these is this incredible eight-game PSVR bundle going for just £209.99 at Game. For that you get both the PSVR headset and camera – though of course you still need a PS4 to connect it to.

But what about the games? Well the first five are download codes that come with the PSVR megapack, and they’re absolutely superb showcases of what makes virtual reality gaming so special. Leading the way is Astro Bot Rescue Mission, a charming virtual reality platform game that’s averaging an impressive 90% on Metacritic. Then there’s WipEout Omega Collection, a break-neck futuristic racer that gets 85% and two regular ‘flat’ games, ported to immersive VR: Doom VFR (71%) and Skyrim VR (77%).

Rounding up the downloads is the PlayStation Worlds disk, which is a collection of five minigames to give you a taster as to what PSVR is all about – a bit redundant when you’ve got all those other games included, but there we are.

Then there are the games that Game has decided to include in its own bundle. First up, the excellent Resident Evil 7, a title that can be played with or without the headset and gets an impressive 86% on Metacritic. And then there’s a brand new release: Blood & Truth – a VR shooter that only came out last month and has a solid 80% on Metacritic.

Putting a neat little bow on everything is the two months of NowTV that Game has decided to bundle. There’s no VR trick to this, but it’s a nice freebie all the same.

What you don’t get as part of this bundle is a pair of Move controllers. While most of the games work without them, Blood & Truth doesn’t, which is a strange oversight for a bundle deal. You can get a pair for £69.99 at Argos, or you could just sell the game, I guess. Your call.  

Even with that slight oversight, this is a great value bundle and a superb way of introducing yourself to the world of virtual reality. And because Sony has already confirmed that PSVR will work with its next console, you should have many fun years ahead of you…
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