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Fix your Wi-Fi on the cheap with this excellent BT Whole Home Wi-Fi deal

Get rid of Wi-Fi black spots for £130

BT Whole Home Wi-Fi is a product you possibly don’t know you need. I didn’t for an embarrassingly long time, and I’ve been writing about tech for years.
In short, it fixes Wi-Fi black spots. You plug one into the router, and then the two other dishes throughout the house, bouncing your signal from room to room and ensuring everywhere has tip-top performance.
Usually the three-dish pack goes for £200, but at the moment BT is selling refurbished packs from its own store for £130. If you’re feeling a little worried about refurbished products, I wouldn’t be too concerned. Not only do they come with a full two-year warranty, but they’re considered grade-A condition, meaning you shouldn’t even have any cosmetic damage to contend with.
I can personally recommend BT Whole Home. When I went freelance nine months ago, I realised I was going to have to tackle the fact that the PC in my new office would suffer frequent Wi-Fi drops and speeds that were a fraction of the 100Mbits/sec that Virgin Media was supposed to be providing. My MacBook, strangely, worked fine.
After trying all kinds of things, from HomePlugs to new Wi-Fi cards, I finally turned to BT Wi-Fi when it was a lot more expensive than this. I was set up in about ten minutes, and instantly the Wi-Fi woes that had been annoying me since I moved in two years earlier were gone. As first business expenses go, it was an incredibly easy one to justify. This is what Speed Test reckons I’m getting right now:

I can’t guarantee you’ll have the same transformational success, of course, but at this price it seems worth a shot. I haven’t had any Wi-Fi woes since.
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